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    Ctrl-N                          New
    Ctrl-O                          Open
    Ctrl-S                          Save
    Shift-Ctrl-S                    Save As
    Ctrl-W                          Close
    Ctrl-P                          Print
    Ctrl-Q                          Quit
    Ctrl-Z                          Undo
    Shift-Ctrl-Z (Ctrl-Y)           Redo
    Ctrl-X                          Cut
    Ctrl-C                          Copy
    Ctrl-V                          Paste
    Ctrl-A                          Select All
    Ctrl-F                          Find
    Ctrl-G (F3)                     Find Next
    Shift-Ctrl-G (Shift-F3)         Find Previous
    Ctrl-H (Ctrl-R)                 Replace
    Ctrl-J                          Jump To
    Ctrl-T                          Always on Top
    Ctrl-Tab                        toggle tab width
    Tab with selection bound        multi-line indent
    Shift-Tab with selection bound  multi-line unindent
    Ctrl-Left/Right			Goto word left/right
    Ctrl-Home			Goto file start
    Ctrl-End			Goto file end
    Ctrl-Down			Goto line end of next line (apparently)
    Shift-Ctrl-P			pdf preview (apparently)
    Ctrl-Tab			Toggle Tabs 4 or 8 chars (apparently)
    Ctrl-A = (Ctrl-/)		Select All (apparently)
    Shift-[any movement]		selects text

    (apparently = something i did not expect)

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Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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