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    I really hate WP, but if anything on it works as it should, then its search function.

    The only thing I hate more than WP are people who can’t use their brains…

    And there are few such … less they understand, louder they are.


    Moddit said:

    Thanks to the persons with constructive posts.

    Well hows about “If you have a problem with wordpress, take it to a wordpress forum”. This is an antix forum, or supposed to be, although some see it as a place to talk about Majarro, WordPress, and the price of tea in China or whatever OT stuff they feel like coming out with?

    So sorry it it gives me a bad reaction and I get sarcastic.. I come here to discuss antix.

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    “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”
    ~ Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


    @VW I think you have a point …sort of. This is the antiX Forum (you are right there). The issue re: finding materials & information (or not finding it) is an antiX issue, since this forum is supposed to be here to provide help. As for topics like manjaro, debian, arch, non-standard window managers and DEs all are allowed here. There are even topic areas setup for them. Like you, I tend towards sarcasm, especially under stress. My kids even give me t-shirts that acknowledge my sac-religiousness 😉

    Heck, there are even areas here for discussing politics, even radical politics. Personally, I’m okay with all that (although I recognize not everyone is…)

    Where there are problems (to my mind) are when people get disrespectful to and of others. That’s one step over the line, in my mind. But then I’m old, cranky and sac-religious, what do I know.

    Edit: I have to say as a WordPress developer of some 10 years, I’m not a huge fan of any internal WordPress or bbPress search function. However, here are some recommended plugins, that the antiX team might wish to consider for use here… if not that is okay too. My advice is always worth every penny I charge (and you pay) for it. 😉


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