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      low audio, unresponsive buttons and video players not responding

      “The audio volume is currently experiencing a low output, and there is an issue with the responsiveness of the volume adjustment buttons on my laptop when running Antix Linux.”

      Additionally, I am inquiring whether there might be any missing packages or configurations necessary for my pc, to resolve the audio volume and button responsiveness issues when using Antix Linux

      Furthermore, I’m encountering an issue where videos do not play when using applications like Celluloid or MPV in Antix Linux on my HP Pavilion g6-2231tx Notebook with a 2nd generation Intel Core i3-2370M processor and 4 GB of DDR3 SDRAM memory

      I would appreciate guidance on resolving this matter.



        1) Please, search the forum (either using search on main site or some external search engine e.g. google ‘audio volume site:www.antixforum.com’).
        2) Typical solution for low output/volume: Open alsamixer (e.g. run in terminal) and adjust master.
        Did you install pulseaudio/pipewire? If yes, then use those for the adjustments and redirection to different output channels.
        3) Videos do not play:
        3.A) Which formats?
        3.B) What happens when you start the players from terminal and the playback fails – I expect that there would be some error message which may provide hints.
        I usually use VLC which may be more heavy on the resources.


          What version of antiX Linux? What about hardware and driver information? Is this live-USB or installed?
          For minimum related hardware information, share the output of
          inxi -SMCGA

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