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      I am able to post but all the posts are not showing on the “Congratulations” section. I explained this on that section.

      Dell Latitude D620 laptop with antiX 22 (64 bit)


        Registered and logged in to the new forum.
        Axel is currently running on the new antiX-17_386-full.iso.
        Looking forward to installing on Acer Aspire One, AOA150(ZG5),
        386/x32 1G RAM; DualCore Atom N270, 1.6Ghz, Hitachi HD 160G.

        Currently it runs MX-16.1 without problem, Just want to give
        antiX with IceWM/SpaceFM a serious trial on this netbook.

        ASUSTeK 900 EeePC; RAM: 1.96 GiB;
        antiX19.3; 4.9.235-antix.1-486-smp;
        HDD: Super Talent STT 30.08 GiB
        +SD & External HDD.


          Heey Hello thanks for the new forum.

          Forum Admin

            Glad you managed to get in (eventually) – Koolstofje

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            antiX with runit - leaner and meaner.


              Just found my way across from the old forum. Didn’t really care for it much. This looks much nicer! Another job well done, although we have come to expect nothing less from this team!!


              It is about the Dragons - it was always about the Dragons!


                Hello everyone, after trying various Live linux distros on USB I decided to try an install Antix on my spare hard drive and it worked. Working out how to get grub2 to default to my Windows partition (which I want to protect!) took some working out and there was always the fear that the bootloading sequence would get fried! But I’ve done it. I made this computer about 3 years ago intending to install a Linux system but never got beyond the fear of damaging the working system.
                With grub2 the only way I could find to default to Windows was to just change to default menu number to boot, but it seems to work. I tried and tried again to get Paragon Boot Manager 11 to find the AntiX partition (ext4) but whatever I do it only sees the Windows partitions. Anyhow, I shall now play and explore some Linux.
                Thanks to all who worked hard to make this a working OS.


                  New to the site and this version of Linux. I have tried multiple flavors, trying to find the right one. I am trying to set up an older laptop to be a server station at home (mostly just to learn a few things). Came across y’all through DistroWatch. Hopefully I will be around for awhile πŸ™‚


                    Welcome aboard, outlawuk, & kievlak, glad to have you join us. πŸ™‚

                    Linux (& BSD) since 1999
                    Ultra Small Form Factor & thin client computers


                      Hi, Robert from Canada here. Just installed antiX 17 core 32-bit on my laptop and all is good. Keep up the tremendous work!



                        Hello all
                        Been using linux about 4-5 years. I used puppy the longest but tried about every distro I could find !
                        Probably used Arch the second longest ! I have used antiX here and there but not for any length of time !
                        However I keep finding myself back here one way or another ! So well here I am ! πŸ™‚ I find antiX much like puppy
                        but even better ! As it allows me to truly run in ram and only save as I see fit ! “really awesome” πŸ™‚
                        After all Linux really is all about choices and freedom ! And antiX allows us to truly be free to run it
                        how we see fit ! My hats off to all that has made antiX possible and the community that backs it !
                        Looking forward to making new friends and being a part of it.

                        Anyone can build a fast processor. The trick is to build a fast system. (Seymour Cray)

                        Forum Admin

                          Thanks partsman! It is always great when people get what we’re trying to do here.

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                            Hi there.
                            Just to check that those of you who managed to scale the Berlin Wall to get here can actually post, please drop a line to say hi in this thread!

                            Thanks Anti. Got password changed, and can now access site. This is to see if I can post. Jim205


                              The Wall is scaled.

                              I find myself mourning the loss of ‘libre’ from the version formerly known as core-libre. I’m considering whether to use the new 17 and switch back the kernel, or alternatively to stay with 16 and just make any necessary adjustments to refreshed repos …

                              And, that’s probably messily off-topic. I don’t mind if the post is moved, or even disregarded. : )


                                Hello to you all!
                                In the old forum my name was equimanthorn πŸ™‚
                                is nice to be here and to use a new build of Antix <3

                                Thanks for all to all the team


                                  Welcome aboard, outlawuk, & kievlak, glad to have you join us.

                                  Thank you. I hope to be here awhile and be able to contribute as I learn more. I have used linux off and on the past 10 years or so. Gentoo was my first major distro to use, and scared me away for a bit after the tedious insall. It was real daunting to use as a novice. I found Ubuntu a few yeas later and loved the ease of the install, but still felt the distro was over bloated after the initial install. I love using Parted Magic as a live distro…i used it a lot on my 32 bit laptop. I have been using Linux Lite and like it a lot, antiX has out preformed anything I have done on Lite though. I really like it so far.

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