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    Thanks to a post by cyrilus31 today, I noticed the details about managing network connections (and choices) within the antiX FAQ document are somewhat sparse.

    Here, I’m paraphrasing a 2015 post by PackRat forum. Please followup to add additional details or to recommend documentation references/links

    Ceni is good at finding wifi – and since it is only a script to write to the /etc/network/interfaces file, it does not have a memory footprint like wicd.
    The main benefit of wicd is managing multiple wireless networks (i.e. home and college campus) accessed on a regular basis; or roaming.
    Ceni handles roaming pretty well; it just rewrites the interfaces file.

    One downside to using Ceni for managing wireless is that you have to always enter the passphrase when reconfiguring the network
    (although, I think the ncurses interfaces allows for pasting it in).
    If you’re in a position where you have to do that 3-4 a day as you move around, it would get real old real fast.

    In a nutshell:
    Stationary – ceni is awesome and uses less (none) memory
    Mobile – wicd is most convenient to manage multiple networks

    – – – –
    Also available: a small qt-based gui that works with wpa_supplicant. It’s called wpagui (may or may not be installed by default with wpa_supplicant).
    gksu /usr/sbin/wpa_gui brings up a small gui that allows for selecting and scanning of wireless networks.
    Lists networks that are managed by the users /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf file. Sits in the system tray when finished.
    ( I do not know whether “debian wiki” instructions are wholly accurate for network management under antiX )

    rust collector

    I think most of the later versions of antix comes with netpro?
    Ceni and netpro is pretty nice when you have to move between different networks, like home, work, and so on

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