Mark Shuttleworth: Why Linux Desktop 'Failed' (5min video)

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    @eriefisher: good point;

    Several years ago Microsoft was forced by EU law to make the user explicitely choose a web browser from a set of alternaives.
    We have EU elections soon. Which party would promise to create a level playing field for operation systems in a similar way?
    An idea would be to give the customer the right to ask Microsoft for a refund if he or she uninstalls Windows.

    @eugen-b: … Forced is not the right word, it was a result of a global negotiation and reciprocal compromises (transcontinentale)

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    rokytnji said:

    Once something becomes main stream. I find I tend to lose interest.

    I agree with that. I need the freedom to mess around, configure & reconfigure; to make live-usbs, etc. I’m happy to have Linux as it is, and I don’t care who doesn’t use it.

    People who are people persons in personality. Probably are disappointed by Linux Desktop not taking over the planet. While loners like me are rejoicing.
    Go figure? 😉

    If linux were #1 in place of Windows, would we still have the freedom we have now? I’d probably have to find something else!

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    Why Linux Desktop ‘Failed’ vs. Why Linux Desktop ‘Failed’

    Maybe slightly Off-Topic but nevertheless …

    These numbers are only from the visitors of ‘’.

    Globally, they would certainly look different but, the trend is still the same.

    Can’t remember when I visited the site on something else but, on my iPad — Desktop is here for work.


    The comment below echoes your point & is the one that had grabbed my attention when I read the reddit topic.


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