MC in ROXTerm – odd behavior (antiX 19, 64-bit, testing)

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    after a rather recent update (at most couple of weeks), I have noticed a strange behavior of midnight commander (MC) in ROXTerm, desktop fluxbox in my antiX 19, 64-bit testing.

    When I mouse click using left-button (or the middle one) in the panel ‘Name/Size/Modify time’ selection to affect sorting of the items, it has no effect except for ‘#’ appearing after a double click in the command-line at the bottom of the MC’s screen.
    Expected behavior is that a single click will modify the sort immediately.

    I have F10 keyboard shortcut disabled and that’s probably all I have modified in the profile.
    Surprisingly, lxterminal (0.3.2-1+b1) is NOT affected.

    I have tried to reinstall (and then purge) both MC and ROXTerm but it was of no help, the issue persists.

    I know I can explicitly modify the sort order in left/right panel but that is much more clicks and that I find annoying.

    Any ideas?

    Comment: If I open ROXTerm, ssh into another PC and open MC in there, it behaves as expected.

    system: antiX 19, 64-bit, testing
    desktop: fluxbox
    program affected: midnight commander (mc 3:4.8.24-2)
    issue: left-button mouse click not working
    (local) console affected:
    roxterm-gtk2: 2.9.5-1
    roxterm-gtk3: not installable due to dependencies
    gpm: 1.20.7-5+b1 installed and running (verified via ‘ps -ax | grep gpm’)

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    I never knew that was supposed to work. Its a great feature. Thanks 🙂

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