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    I have been a long follower of Mepis. With the absence of WW, how is the community keeping up? Why did WW just disappear? Being that he was a long time Linux advocate, why did he just leave one of the best Linux Distro’s (Mepis) to flounder. Certainly he knew that Linux. on itself, was a personal project and never a way to make a living. Even Canonical is having it’s problems. Mepis, under WW could have taken over the user friendly area of Linux.

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    From what I understand, anti sort of broke away to create a lighter distro, then Mepis sort of ceased, & those that were left teamed up with anti & created MX. 😉

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    Warren left for his own reasons. I’m sure he is fine these days, but he is not part of our projects as far as I know. (mx and antiX)


    Mepis Has been voted 2nd best linux distro for 2018. The last version was updated 2013 = SimplyMEPIS-1.5G_11.9.92_64.iso Awesome work Warren Woodford

    I think it was unofficial version 12 ?

    What is the Right Linux Distro for Your Computing Needs?

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    hello Kogomo . I like your Alice signature. I like it when Alice sings “In A World Of My Own.”

    hello everyone

    hi Koo . I bumped into that same Best Linux of 2018 article
    last week when was clicked on a bookmark here for “Main Page – antiX” ((….)) and up comes the disjunct bestseven… article of December 22, 2018 listing the best six of 2018 with Mepis at number two. click on the word Mepis next to the 2. is live link to distrowatch Mepis page shows version mepis 11 of 5-5-2011. (more in the table on page.) The distrowatch page indicates a recent update, but the forum and homepage information is outdated; some dead, some loop back to bestseven…, some to the distrowatch Mepis page . A curious conspiracy in time?
    The image in your post is seen wordpress symbol / icon. The page I see has no wordpress metadata indication. what’s up?
    I say what’s up is, You can’t keep a good Mepis down. I’m with You. Awesome work Warren Woodford


    As I recall (though “memories” are sometimes “suspect”), Warren had some great opportunities to pursue professional work that dealt with patent and legal technologies.

    Prior to that, he had a few health issues, and like many of us, had bills to pay.

    Whether that recollection is accurate or not, most of us here, especially those of us who have been a part of this extended community since 2003 (or other Linux communities even before that) can be thankful for the tools and technologies that Warren Woodford introduced or improved through the MEPIS community.

    Brian Masinick


    a little flashback? …. “the original “lean and mean” 🙂

    excerpt from “” on On 11/02/2007

    antiX M-7, The Fat-free Simply Mepis: Simply Mepis is a Linux newbie’s dream. It is known for its ease-of-use and its exceptional hardware detection. A new lightweight flavor of Mepis, which is intended for older hardware was released recently. It is called AntiX with a code name “Lysistrata”.

    Actually the first was antiX-6.5 “Sparticus” on 9 July 2007


    Normal == 🙂
    depends on the surrounding crowd ?!


    Fast forward to the present:

    MX Linux has been getting recognition and has climbed back to the top of the Distrowatch ratings.

    Both the MX Linux 18 (and their incremental updates) and the early Beta reviews of MX Linux 19.1 Beta 1 are getting rave reviews.

    Look up MX Linux on YouTube and see what is going on.

    Brian Masinick

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    I have been a long follower of Mepis. With the absence of WW, how is the community keeping up?

    TL;DR: automation + small teams = success!

    The name MX comes from joining the names of Mepis and antiX.

    After the departure of WW the Mepis community was alive and well but lacked the means to produce new releases. Roughly speaking, the antiX team stepped in and performed WW’s role in creating MX releases. Behind the scenes this was only possible because we had invested years of work automating the antiX build process. That automation is what allowed the small antiX team to create 6 distribution iso files per release ( 32/64 bit times 3 flavours). Previously, each antiX and Mepis release was handcrafted, introducing new bugs with each new release. This problem is magnified when trying to support both 32-bit and 64-bit releases which is what prompted antiX to automate in the first place.

    While WW had several reasons for leaving, it’s possible that the burden of handcrafting each release was becoming too much. It’s also possible that the handcrafted build process of Mepis was holding it back from taking over the user friendly area of Linux. From my, obviously very biased, viewpoint the automated build process and a few other core tools from antiX were crucial for the success of MX because they allow a relatively small team to keep pace with the giants. A key component of “user friendly” is to keep down the number of bugs. This may seem obvious but it is extremely non-trivial to do, especially with a small team and especially with the ever increasing complexity of Linux systems. Small teams are efficient. The antiX build system helped MX rise to #1 on DistroWatch because it allows a small team to create solid releases without requiring another layer of infrastructure/bureaucracy.

    For example, both MX and antiX are small enough that devs can still read and respond to posts on the forums which is key to helping users and also helps guide and inform developers. Personally, my development work is heavily influenced by bug reports and comments in the forums with an aim to reduce or eliminate problems reported by users. When certain types of problems are no longer reported or are dealt with quickly and easily then I count that as a big success. Losing dev support on the forums is a watershed event for Linux distros and may partially account for their period rise and fall.

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    Not just small teams, but small teams of very competent, friendly and motivated individuals.


    Reading this history I am grateful to WW for leading to where we are.
    I am rather new to antiX so thank you guys for such a great insider information on antiX origin…
    What troubles me is that great ideas and projects often dissolve when their originators/creators depart. This seems to be a reality of Linux world…
    Now, as antiX (as I understand) is lead by anticapitalista, how do we preserve continued development of antiX should the project leader decide to retire?
    Hopefully it will not happen any time soon assuming the project leader is about 20 years old and will have the will to continue this direction for a long time to come…


    <off-topic> Glad to see you back here in the forums, BitJam!


    assuming the project leader is about 20 years old

    Hmmmm. antiX M-7 from 2007…

    That would mean anti was only about 8 years old!

    A child prodigy. Not surprised! 😉

    and will have the will to continue this direction for a long time to come…

    (I’m hoping he’s got another 50 years or more in him.) 🙂

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    […] how do we preserve continued development of antiX should the project leader decide to retire?

    Ask Dolphin Oracle. He successfully took over the helm of MX Linux from anticapitalista. I’m not suggesting he take on antiX as well since heading up two distros is too much for one person, which is why anticapitalista passed MX on to Dolphin. But he can tell you how it’s done.

    Context is worth 80 IQ points -- Alan Kay

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    that automated build process is pretty sweet…

    From D.O.’s lessons on replacing a project lead dev…when the lead dev says he’s done, volunteer!

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