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      Aha, but Roam is not the default!

      Ok, did you deselect WiCd from the services to start? It will waste lots of memory running WiCd (ok its a little easier, but this is doable, too).

      Using Ceni instead…

      How long has it been and I never noticed it before. From the Control centre, network tab, click on Ceni. Ceni comes up, I arrow down to wlan0 the WiFi adapter and hit enter.

      First time only it comes up with a screen that says Scan or Roam. The default is Scan. If you take that you don’t get a roaming setup, and it makes using the laptop on multiple networks a lot more difficult.

      Arrow over and press enter on Roam instead of Scan and then press enter to accept the wpa_supplicant settings for wlan0 with the wpa_roam.conf configuration setup. A screen of “stuff” comes up while it configures the wifi to roam, I guess, hopefully ending in “Starting /sbin/wpa_cli…” Press enter, and it takes you back to a Do you want to exit screen, and press enter on Yes there to go back to Control Centre.

      Now click the Configure wpa_supplicant button and a wpa_giu window comes up. Wlan0 should be the adapter and Network should be 0:. Click the Manage Networks tab and then click Scan.

      A Scan results window will come up, click Scan again at the bottom. Make the window bigger if you like and double click the signal column to get the best connections to the top. Double click the SSID column on the one you want to connect to and it will fill in the defaults for it. Type the password in PSK if it needs one, mine are WPA2-Personal(PSK), so they need a password in the PSK field. Then click Add at the bottom. Now close the Scan results window.

      You should be back on the wpa_gui window, so select the Current Status tab, and then in the Network field, pull it down and select the network you added. It will probably just connect and you will see an IP address at the bottom.

      At this point all should be good and click the X up in the corner to close wpa_gui. It probably put an icon down in the tray which you can reopen it from if you like. If you want to save the 27 mb of memory from the tray icon, right click the icon and click quit, and you will stay connected. You can always reopen it from the Control Centre or add a taskbar option to run it when you want it like I did.

      There you have it, minimal memory required roaming WiFi 🙂

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        oooohhhhhhh, I’m going to try this, thanks!


          The same people wanting to save the memory from the WiFi might also benefit from saving the memory from Volumeicon. They could use a taskbar button to run Alsamixer to adjust volumes like I do if they can’t find or map the keys for it.

          If you have time, maybe also show them how to replace the volume icon as long as you are editing the taskbar to add a wpa_gui one?

          Total savings between removing WiCd and Volumeicon would be 40 or 50 mb, nice for memory limited machines.

          I guess that might not work the same for all desktops. Personal menu options for them would also work…

          PS: and YES, your make a video to show them how idea is Great!

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