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    Hi, I am trying to install 19.3 Full on this machine:
    Machine: Type: Laptop System: BESSTAR TECH LIMITED product: U820
    As you can see from the attached inxi output, no drivers were found for Intel Iris Plus Graphics 655 and Intel Wi-Fi 6 AX200. The boot procedure reaches “udev done” and halts.

    1. Is it possible to boot to any of the desktops on this machine from a live usb?
    2. Does it make sense to use Antix in this device or is it better to install MX – I would like to eventually follow this tutorial: antiX-core 19.1 – create a kde plasma live-usb
    3. Can I provide the missing drivers from a pendrive? If anyone instructed me what to do, I’d gladly follow.

    I am not much into this linux thing...


    You just need a newer kernel than the default 4.9 for support for the CPU Intel Core i5-8259U.
    You could either try with the release with kernel 4.19, or check out the antiX21 beta (selecting a modern kernel in the boot menus), if you don’t mind giving us a bit of feedback on how it performs on newer hardware (optional).

    The new advances in live-boot options for future releases will give the chance of selecting different kernels, between one compatible with old hardware and one with improved support for newer hardware.

    You also have the option of booting the core release for 19.4 live-USB on Virtualbox on Windows/Mac (whatever you use), install there a newer 5.10 kernel from the package installer, remaster and change the live kernel. Then it should have no problem at all on your hardware, and you can follow the steps by dolphin_oracle to install KDE as the main desktop environment.

    There are different options available to achieve the same thing. That is the great advantage (and curse) of Linux.

    antiX Live system enthusiast.
    General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.


    If you are new to Linux then yes, I would suggest you use MX instead of antiX. If you are an expert then dive in to updating kernels and drivers in antiX. If you don’t mind the learning curve (frustration and experimentation) then stay with antiX.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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