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      When I plug in my android phone via usb(cable) in MX17, the device is shown correctly in thunar as mtp with the name of the phone, and I`m able to copy/move media files between PC and phone.

      when I try to do the same in antiX, spacefm shows a new device “sr1” with no content (rox doesn`t show anything at all).
      trying to mount it, I get “udevil: Fehler 63: kein Medium im Gerät /dev/sr1 (oder Typ mit -t festlegen)”
      (english: udevil: error 63: no media in device /dev/sr1 (or specify type with -t))

      so I looked up what packages concerning mtp are missing in antiX compared to MX. I installed gmtp and gvfs-backends, rebooted but still had no luck connecting the phone.

      Do I have to add a special udev-rule for that or what could be the problem?
      thx for any help.


        I always do with Shotwell, Digikam or equivalent program.
        My Nicon has the same problem with usb..

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          antiX-Full ships with an app named Droopy already installed.

          If you want to move files without installing any additional software it can do it.

          There is guide available in both the local and online FAQ

          There is a video from dolphin_oracle
          Droopy How To
          The first half of it is a little out of date because the set-up procedure he mentions (approx first half of video) is now done automatically. He mentions towards the end of the video he has moved files between his Android ‘phone and laptop via Droopy.

          All that is required is to start Droopy running on the laptop and use the web browser in the ‘phone (or PC or other laptop etc) to browse to Droopy across either your LAN or the internet.

          Tip: If you have a large number of files to move around, zip them up or tgz them, and just move the one file.


            Hopefully this section of the spacefm user manual explains howto:


            Device handlers tell SpaceFM how to mount, unmount, and show properties for specific filesystems or devices. Anytime SpaceFM or the SpaceFM daemon mounts or unmounts a device (manually or automatically), or shows the properties of a device, it uses a handler to determine what commands to run. By adding custom device handlers, SpaceFM can be made to mount and unmount virtually any type of device or filesystem.

            To configure device handlers, right-click in the Devices list and select Settings|Device Handlers…

            Also, FYI, the first result from a quick websearch for “spacefm mtp” led me to this:


            Hi, I want spacefm to work with mtp. I have read that jmtpfs works well with spacefm but how do I integrate it into spacefm?
            Hi, SpaceFM can mount MTP using any of: jmtpfs || simple-mtpfs || mtpfs || go-mtpfs. You should be able to type “mtp://” into the path bar in any modern version of SpaceFM.
            You can see more info in Protocol Handlers and also be advised of this open issue with go-mtpfs.
            thanks it works!


              thank you for the useful links, skidoo.
              following the hints in the 2. link, it`s actually pretty easy to mount an android-phone in antiX.
              here is what I did (just in case another user is interested in this):
              apt install jmtpfs
              1. plug in your phone
              2. open spacefm, type into the pathbar mtp:// and media files of the phone will show up.

              to make it a little more comfortable I added a menu-entry (if you prefer this as app-starter in icewm´s toolbar, it´s the same code)
              prog "Handy" /path/to/your/smartphone.png spacefm mtp://
              spacefm will open, showing all media files of the phone ready for file transfers.

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                Thanks for explaining the steps.
                Moving to tips-n-tricks….

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