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    i did not found anything with search. so i’m asking.
    I’m very happy with Icewm and use it over 12 years. Mouse was always slow, but no with my new large monitor it just does not make sense. Mousepad is to small to move over the monitor.

    The controlcenter antix, hardware, “mouse options” ist not working. I set the speed to maximum 16. But no change.
    Actually if i recall right it never worked on all my computers over the years. Ever lived with the slow mouse, but now with the new monitor it’s dreadful.

    If this is important. In controlcenter, sessions, user desktop-session, i have this in the startup file
    #Enable Mouse Configuration at Startup
    ds-mouse -all &

    How do i set the speed/acceleration?

    I have found this

    But xset m 7 2 without any explanation is not leads to nothing…

    Thank you 🙂



    1) regarding the example setup without explanation, please explore manual of ‘xset’ and search for ‘mouse’.
    man xset
    in your terminal, or look it up on the interweb, and you can find some description in there.

    2) As far as the control center ‘Hardware -> Mouse configuration’ goes, I do not know.
    I use Fluxbox and my tip is to right-click on desktop which allows to access the main menu:
    Fluxbox settings -> Reconfigure, Restart and others.
    May be, you need to reconfigure/restart your session in a similar way so that the changes are applied.
    Another thing one could try is to allow mouse configuration at startup in the control center.

    Or wait for someone else to provide more elaborate answer.

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    a more elaborate answer may be pointless until —–v


    This may not be helpful, but I will write it anyway (you can later curse me for butting in with irrelevant information).

    I recently installed the 5.8 kernel packaged by anticapitalista on my antiX live USB and experienced a much faster and smoother trackpad experience than with the 4.9 (or 4.19) kernel, without the need to change any of the mouse acceleration (didn’t need the mouse configuration tool). Try it out, to see if this kernel also “speeds” you trackpad.

    BTW, upgrading the kernel created a new synaptics issue, where touching almost anywhere on the trackpad and moving would trigger scrolling; I had to disable all scrolling options except for two-finger scrolling to it to go away. But that may be my specific trackpad, and not a general experience.

    antiX Live system enthusiast.
    General Live Boot Parameters for antiX.


    For ICEWM You can use the antix mouse configuration tool in the settings menu or create a file as below.
    If you use the tool you must move the enable or disable mouse configuration startup slider to right
    and then click enable button to save settings.
    Logout then login again to activate changes.


    #Mouse configuration file
    #This is used by ds-mouse /

    #Mouse acceleration
    #Anything outside of the range value will result in the default settings
    #Value: Multiplication Value of default speed. (default X ACCELERATION = speed)
    #Range: 0 – 20

    #Mouse threshold
    #Anything outside of the range value will result in the default settings
    #Value: Pixels. The number of pixels the cursor must move to begin accelerating
    #Range: 0 – 100

    #Button Order
    #0 = right hand
    #1 = left hand

    #Cursor Size
    #Value: in pixels
    #Range: 10-50

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