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    Brian Masinick

    Thanks for input, after reading policy and privacy notices will probably
    register with tomorrow. They do require an EMail adress.

    Right now too full of spicy Masala (curry/Kari) Lentils and Beans, eaten with
    fresh chapati bread from home milled chick pea and red lentle flour. And some

    Enjoy your food and the remaining time of the weekend. Hopefully will enable you to safely share your artwork and pictures with complete flexibility.

    I have some lentils available too, though I enjoyed some local produce in a streusel mix. It was good.

    I’m watching American football through a Chromebook football app. Writing this from my Google Pixel 3 phone.
    Using all of our media resources today. We have either three or four things going between TV, computer systems and phones.

    Brian Masinick

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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