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      I’m not really sure what to make of this: MS created an AI app that runs only on Linux… inside WSL? I think WSL on this case means What? Sofware for Linux?

      I’m not really sure if this post belongs really on “Other Distros”… I always thought that people that said that MS would start adopting the Linux kernel were crazy… Then again… maybe not…
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        My readings from posts from Azure developers on the web makes this no surprise to me. Azure is kinda a Linux division inside MS.
        Azure developers will post in Linux Questions in the Windows vs Linux mega thread there.

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          I always thought that people that said that MS would start adopting the Linux kernel were crazy…

          I’m sure that most developers at Microsoft would like to see it happen since developers in general almost always prefer Linux/unix. The suits at Microsoft probably generally don’t want it, though, because of ideas about diluting the brand or some such.

          With the ease or virtualization options (like WSL) these days, it’s probably not much if an issue anymore really, though.

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            When Steve Balmer was a figurehead at Microsoft Linux was the enemy. Things change.

            IBM and Hewlett-Packard are very big companies that have both proprietary and free software.

            All three companies, though distrusted because of various deeds have still contributed to and provide hardware and software for multiple Linux efforts. I have worked for companies that misunderstood Linux and UNIX but eventually provided both to serve customer needs and to add business.

            Most of my graduate papers advocated both commercial and completely free software. I strongly encouraged the use of free software in collaboration with commercial enterprises. It’s still possible and numerous efforts have proven that to be both possible and effective.

            Brian Masinick

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