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    Some info that might be useful to MSI Wind netbook users. Please add yours.

    1. Useful link:

    2. sentelic touchpad
    The touchpad was too sensitive, constantly scrolling and clicking spontaneously. The suggestions given in the archwiki solved the problem. It was necessary to change first line of rc.local to /bin/bash

    The gui fspc (which looks good but doesn’t do much) is here.
    It requires libpng12.
    gdebi reports another dependency and refuses to install the fspc deb, but I extracted it and found that fspc works without it. Run with sudo, otherwise it won’t save changes.

    3. BIOS
    In order to overclock, I recently updated the original bios, EN011IMS.106. Version 10G provided by msi disabled the usb, thus wifi, making computer unusable. I located version 109 at, flashed it, and all is well, overclocking works.

    MICRO-STAR model: U-100 v: Ver.001
    antiX-17.3.1_386-base Helen Keller 27 December 2018
    Single Core CPU: Intel Atom N270 bits: 32 type: MT

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