MX-17 released December 15, 2017

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      blog post with info here.

      thanks to all the antiX forum members who commented on the betas!


        Good job D_O, anti and all the MX/antiX team !

        Brian Masinick

          Awesome! I downloaded a recent image, so I presume that regular updates will bring me to the equivalent of the released version (and I’m pretty sure that the updates I’ve already performed this week bring me pretty close.

          Congratulations on yet another excellent release. I did not encounter a single issue in my admittedly simple usage, but I did add additional applications using the current tool – the successor to whatever we used to call it – brain freeze in cold weather after a long week.

          Everything’s great!

          Brian Masinick


            presume that regular updates will bring […] the equivalent of the released version

            covered in the ReleaseNotes, linked in post#1

            Testers who installed MX-17 RC1 don’t need to reinstall. Re-installation is recommended for people who installed Betas. People who use MX-16.1 or older version will need to reinstall.


              found these further details posted to MX forum

              posted Dec 19

              The installer allows you the option to preserve your home partition (which will contain your personalised configuration settings for various programs, and maybe all your downloaded, media and data files if you don’t save those in a separate drive) while reinstalling the system files in root.

              However, you will have to reinstall the programs you used in MX16 that do not come default in MX17.

              Example – you had installed gthumb in MX16. Your personalised settings will be in home partition and preserved if you choose that option during installation of MX17. But gthumb is not on the live iso image of MX17, so after installation of MX17, you will need to install gthumb using Synaptic, MX Package Installer or terminal. After installation of that, it will detect your config settings in home partition and utilise it if possible (unless gthumb has changed drastically).

              . . .

              Some additional notes are needed, such as if you preserve Home you get none of the MX-17 defaults, so will miss quite a bit.

            Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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