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    “Haha, I think everyone is bored enough already and not interested to let this thread continue to be captured and manipulated by a toxic personality like you are.”

    That’s a very qualified (and expected) ARGUMENT. 😉

    “In other words…”

    You would… if you could… bring some. 😉

    — —


    “I’m never concerned about looks as my primary or even major consideration … I tend to modify the default appearance.”

    That’s not my point.

    That’s actually about “finishing a product”.

    What MX Team did was like building a Mercedes with a plastic armatures. Why not, but shouldn’t be.

    They tried to fix it though, but “the fix” is another broken look even if (almost) EVERYTHING is straight in front of their eyes, in Papyrus folder.


    The perfect name for NoClue’s new spin…


    Sorry, I couldn’t help myself…. Seriously, though, its always good to be finding ways to improve things, but it isn’t necessary to get people upset in order to sell them on it. It’s better to just SHOW them something good, IMO.

    But who am I to say, anyway…

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    I think that self examination is a good thing to do from time to time.

    Listening to feedback is useful. However, there are times when either the person or team who creates a system makes choices for their own reasons. In free software this is particularly important.

    There are enough different distributions available to provide many ways to do things and both antiX and MX communities do a great job of making many flexible tools to modify the stock distribution or remaster your own customized variations and re-spins.

    Best wishes to everyone.

    Brian Masinick

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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