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      Ditros of Interest

    SliTaz | Audio | Visual



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    For me, the list needs to be pared down to the ones where I can get pointers to learn how to add things that I want that are missing, not just install and be a user.

    The list gets very short at that point, because most people just don’t have time or won’t make any time, and the manuals if they exist, or searching take a tremendous amount of time for small steps forward.

    And that’s what brings me here. Yes, I have tried and ran and worked with almost all the ones listed above. Some are quite good, but consider my comment. Eventually I hope to learn more myself so I need less help and can contribute more. That is what moves the ball forward, what really makes Linux so good…

    I would add Manjaro, but maybe its gotten too big, and I just hate systemd. Archbang sounds interesting with OpenRC. Knoppix in its realm of run from DVD. Too many haven’t worked with my old junkers, but I LIKE my old junkers. Its so fun to see old discarded pieces of crap run rings around MS’s best.


    BobC, site “the linux documentation project” whatever you read learn from there should be applicable across most distributions.

    For a learner, hopping between distributions can be counterproductive due to the time-wasting distraction of chasing down and figuring out the “distro specific” quirks. Mindbender example for me was sitting down to porteus (same across most older puppy spins, IIRC) and discovering no “locate” command is available. Some distros have, instead, “mlocate” and some have “slocate”. Some alias these to be available as “locate”, some don’t. And on some systems, it’s not preinstalled, period! Need to go hunt for a downloadable addon .pet or .tar.gz AND cross-your-fingers that it’s compatible with the particular puppy you’re running.

    Debian, and derivative, users might “know” (after investigating) which debian package provides a given command, or set of related commands. Too often, they probably don’t know whether any given command is a “GNU” utility, and whether its contained in upstream package “coreutils” or “netutils” or? Debian splits out a lot of bundled (elsewhere and|or upstream) utility programs into separate packages and (same with antiX) omits a lot of basic utilities which would be preinstalled by other distributions. Hmm, examples? Not sure whether this off-the-cuff is accurate, but I’m referring to tiny utils like iostat, netstat. Adding insult to injury, some derivatives (not antiX thankfully) strip out the /usr/doc and manpage content from their isos. Semplice did that, IIRC, in order to still fit CD size.


    Distros based on the major bases (Debian .deb or RedHat .rpm) are the best ones to learn Linux on, as most things transfer between them fairly easily, going with distros like SliTaz & TinyCore are going to make you work harder. 😉

    Of course, we all know which is the best distro, as you’re here already. 🙂

    Linux (& BSD) since 1999

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