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    Tonight I created a LiveUSB using the MX-Live-Usb-Maker
    on a 16 GB Verbatim with a snapshot I made of antiX-17 on an Acer netbook
    Created and booted on a T430.

    Took it to the Acer netbook, booted it with default setting for static persistance.
    With the Package Installer, found the Xfce4-Lite and set it installing. Took about an hour.

    Rebooted but found no trace of Xfce4?
    Checked with Package Installer and it appears that it didn’t install?

    So, it may be that I left out a step for the USB install?
    Thought it would be handy to have a stick to test from time to time.
    Thanks in advance for your tips, pointers and links to work this out.

    NOTE: So far, Package Installer won’t install to LiveUSB with Persist Static
    nor by way of a Frugal Install.

    Is it possible?

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 2 months ago by Richard.



    Well, maybe not.
    I’ve tried F1 at the login screen but no sign of Xfce?

    I’ll do it again installing Xfce on an actual install. Then it should carry over to a new snapshot.



    “no sign of Xfce”
    installing the xfce package doesn’t automatically edit the display manager configuration file.

    edit /etc/slim.conf
    find the line which looks like
    sessions rox-fluxbox,space-fluxbox,fluxbox,rox-icewm,space-icewm,icewm,rox-jwm,space-jwm,jwm,herbstluftwm
    and change it to
    sessions rox-fluxbox,space-fluxbox,fluxbox,rox-icewm,space-icewm,icewm,rox-jwm,space-jwm,jwm,herbstluftwm,xfce4start

    will need to kill/restart slim display manager (or just reboot) for the change to take effect.
    Next time you visit slim login screen, xfce will be among the available F1 selections.
    Get ready to search the earlier forum messages, xfce ignores a handful of details, like session autostart items already in place for the other window managers


    Great! Thanks!

    I was sure I’d answered this last night, but it was late?

    I knew there was a way, but I hadn’t found it.

    That works for me and for keos who was the one with the problem.


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