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    Brian Masinick

      For those of you who used a REALLY GOOD Canadian-based distribution 15-20 years ago called Libranet,
      Alec Bloss , who worked with the primary developer of Libranet before his
      untimely demise, has been working on the development of something called Libranext.

      Here’s an Email I received from Alec about the work that is in progress:


      Well, we’re here already. I wasn’t planning to release alpha3 this early, but it has turned into a MASSIVE release with 127 commits, being a pretty good mix of updates, new packages, and bugfixes.

      Some highlights:

      Libranext is now fully dependent on our own init system (SSM). SysV init is fully deprecated. This alone is a huge milestone and demonstrates SSMs viability as an init system.
      The installer and kernels were updated. This was the main reason behind this release, allowing me to test and use Libranext in even more configurations, including physical PC, KVM, VirtualBox, Hetzner Cloud (which is KVM-based), and more.
      Having a Libranext system running on Hetzner Cloud helps me prove that Libranext is functional in a real-world application, and will also help speed up my build times.
      IceWM is now available so you can run X with a basic desktop.
      VLC is available, however, sound isn’t functional yet (this is a work in progress)

      For the full details, and a link to the installer ISO, read the releases notes on Centre.

      Happy computing!

      If you are interested in this software, contact Alec, or let me know and I can ask
      him to add your name to one of his mailing lists or participation groups.

      Brian Masinick

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