No multiple user choiche with 'Slim' and no icons on desktop with 'lightdm'!!!

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    Hi all, I tried to configure ‘slim’ to show multiple users to choose from, but I didn’t find how to.
    I installed lightdm, then I had the multiple user choiche at startup.

    Now I don’t see any icon on my desktop, because with ‘lightdm’ I don’t know how to recall ‘space-icewm’ insteadof ‘icewm’.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I’m on Antix 17.1

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    configure ‘slim’ to show multiple users to choose from, but I didn’t find how to
    right, cannot do so.
    SLiM does not divulge what account usernames exist on the system. Its sole configuration option regarding username is default_user.
    If you specify a default username in /etc/slim.conf, the “username” input box will be pre-filled.
    If you additionally specify auto_login yes, SLiM will automatically login the named user without prompting for pw

    I don’t know how to recall ‘space-icewm’ insteadof ‘icewm’.
    Idunno how to configure lightdm to specify the default session(name), but I expect that detail is explained in the lightdm docs.
    If you’re successfully getting into icewm already, you can probably just add a “space -d &” line to your session startup file.

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    You have to choose one or the other since slim cannot do one of the things you want it to do and lightdm cannot do the other.
    If I were you, I would stick with slim and remove the user login name in /etc/slim.conf/default_user xxxx. Then all users can login (after applying their username and password)

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    Though I have not tried it you may be able to install / configure xinit-xsession so that you can load ~/.xinitrc from lightdm. Then you can symlink (or call in) /usr/local/bin/desktop-session with ~/.xinitrc. This should then work similar to slim by running desktop-session (to build the particular session) though you cannot choose which session directly from lightdm. Instead desktop-session will load the default session which is the last one used. Therefore to change to another session you would use the “desktop” menu under the root menu. If that works then you should specify xinit-xsession as the default in /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf

    Wow that is a lot of “sessions”.
    No idea if this will actually work, you will need to try. It is kind of ass/u/me.d that if you are using another login manager you know what you need to adapt. Generally a different desktop environment is used…

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    I removed lightdm and installed slim again.

    apt install slim
    dpkg-reconfigure slim

    but now it starts just with console and a nice prompt.
    Graphical automated login – none!

    Dave, Skidoo:
    – I’m a bit tired of trying to change things on linux, but thank you anyway for your help!

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