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      For your consideration…. NobleNote

      Love it – small intuitive hierarchical notetaker that saves notes in simple html format. For me, much simpler than CherryTree. Great for studying all the tips and tricks read on the forum! My gray-beard days of using Xpad are over! With the flashdrive I just made of antiX-23.1, I configured nobleNote to save its data in the Live-usb-storage area on the stick, rather than inside the system persistence of my home directory.

      That way, if I totally bork the system, I can take the data to another machine, and read the notes with another browser to undo my fat-fingering. 🙂 To verify, I just pulled up the data from within the browser already in antiX with the file url:


      And in most browsers, if you use the file:/// url, you have a mini browser through the local filesystem of your box. Some browsers disable this function though, but the data is still accessible in other ways. Crash your X11? Taking notes via gui browser for your dedicated CORE cli antiX? ELINKS included with core will read your nobleNote data internally too.

      The simplistic html editing for the notes is nice too – bold, underline, strikeout, font size changes etc. Makes the notes a bit more pleasurable to read. Copy n paste from browser into / out of the notes is super handy.

      I think it worthy enough to be a default addition to antiX, but to each their own. Latest version (not in default repo’s) allow you to keep it in the tray upon exit if you wish. Comes from my old days when budding students / sysadmins kept a log…

      [UPDATE] This is a qt application, and the default menu fonts may be too small compared to the rest of the system. Just fire up the qt5ct utility (I used a terminal) and change the font size to your liking, apply and ok. fire up nobleNote again. So easy with antiX !! Warning – the “about” window is laughingly huge. Look at it once, and you may have to use the “app killer” to get back to normal. Never look at it again. 🙂

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