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    Sadshark [p.n.2001]
    Sadshark [p.n.2001]

    I thought I would make this thread to give people some funny names I use for non-free softwares, to surprise my Windows and Mac user friends and maybe even convince them to think about trying some open source software once and a while. Personally, I have had very little success, though I can sometimes convince people IRL to switch to from Google to Duckduckgo search engine. This thread is just for fun though. Feel free to contribute 😛

    Google –> Shitgle (yes, I’m a very mature person)
    Google Chrome –> Shitgle Crimes Against Humanity
    Microsoft Skype –> Microsoft SKYNET
    EA Origin Client –> EA Original Sin
    Non-free software (generic) –> WrongedWare

    One of my favorite ones from Richard Stallman: The Amazon Swindle
    I like to make fun of the free software community sometimes too. Like I will call the GNU GPL license the Marxism-Leninism-Stallmanism License, Or Socialism in One License xD

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    On my desktop running Kubuntu 18.04 LTS
    The antinatalist antifascist childfree vegan mini-manifesto
    Bertolt Brecht's beautiful poem, the Unconquerable Inscription.

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