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      I never needed a domestic network having phone sockets in every room, but now I need a PC in the summer house which is not wired. I defined a ‘rolandnet’ in my linksys ethernet wireless switch and the network appears as I would expect. However I cannot connect wirelessly, during a long pause it declares ‘connecting’, then it fails with a message flashed instantaneously across the bottom of the window reading ‘wrong password’ or similar. I’m sure I have either done something wrongly or it’s simply not done at all. Can anyone familiar with this aspect please look through these screen dumps and tell me where I’m going wrong? thanks in anticipation, and a happy and prosperous new year to all.

      Screen dumps are spread over multiple posts due to limit of 4 per post.


        screen dumps for lan trouble [continuued]

        system is antiX 16.2 completely up to date on an AMD 64bit PC with 3gb ram and PCI Linksys wireless card, switch and wireless card are both set to channel 11.

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          not well-experienced with wifi, but your screenshots left me wondering whether WEP password has been correctly set.
          After websearching
          linux wireless|wifi “wrong password” WEP

          my troubleshooting suggestion is: (skip the fandangled GUI configuration manglers and) inspect and/or edit

          auto wlan0
          iface wlan0 inet dhcp
          wireless-essid YourEssID
          wireless-mode managed
          wireless-key xxxxx

            hi roland
            wep set to passphrase then use the passphrase pa$$w0rd (or set it to hex.) suddenly it ends with a tick in a box that says never connect? untick that box. did you try it with ceni that you show? you do not include a image that shows a match to the wireless interface name = wlan0. make sure it is a match. trial wpa? and why a particular channel 11? auto work?


              Phrasewords/passwords can be tricky. I have more than once accidentally hit the CapsLock key while typing a password and tried forever to figure what happened. Always look at the obvious. And be sure to save your changes as you configure a router. I spent two days trying to figure why the default password would word, but not my new one. DUH!

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