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      Nope! There is no other reason that as time goes by things change. Now I got this video card and before I upgraded a PlayStation 4 from 1Tb hdd to 2Tb ssd and the customer ask me to take the 1Tb hdd that I will install as soon as the video card is working. More RAM is on its way too…
      Before, when I dusted the old lady, that was the last antiX… But it was clunky then it start collecting dust again…
      As I told before 4Gb RAM, nowadays, is the bare minimum for any system to work…


        4Gb RAM, nowadays, is the bare minimum for any system to work

        Maybe true on 64 bit systems. My notebook is perfectly fine with 2 GB RAM – on antiX full runit. But it is 32bit. And it has, as you also have, a dedicated graphics card, so no system ram is shared with the GPU. This notebook has run on antiX 17.4 already, those days not without the proprietary nvidia drivers, which have been still available. Then I updated to antiX 21, upgraded the system to 22 without fresh install once the nouveau driver finally grew functioning in kernel 5.15

        And now I’m about to install antiX 23 full runit from scratch on this old shoe. Looks promising by now 🙂 Will report the results in a separate thread once I’ve made it through the installation orgy. I need tons of stuff on this device for everyday work, and all the prorgams want to get set up individually…

        Don’t tell people this notebook is nearly 20 years old already and runs on 32 bit only. Nobody believes this who sees it working. antiX makes it run fast and fluidly. Many many thanks for that @anticapitalista !

        Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


          I have one box where the boot parameter for the live stick must be used and I don’t know why.There’s nothing special with that Pc, nothing is set in the bios, it’s a gtx 960 card and an intel i5 4400. After installation no parameter is needed anymore.There are other PCs with nvidia which boot the same live stick without problems.


            Beautiful! Kernel 6.1 works without any tweak….
            Now I have two options:
            1- a clean install, that I do not want to do unless it is the only way…
            2- Make it work on the 22 and upgrade to the 23

            In both cases I wonder if the 6.1 will be used, let me explain:
            Case 1-, How can I be sure that a fresh install uses the 6.1 kernel?
            Case 2-, Can kernel 6.1 be installed on antiX22? Or the only way is to force xorg=nouveau nouveau.modeset=1 How and where?


              Final statement:
              The only thing that work is the new kernel!
              xorg=noveau… etc does not work on 5.1 kernel…

              Can kernel 6.1 be installed and used on antiX 22? If yes how…


                Now I have two options:
                1- a clean install, that I do not want to do unless it is the only way…
                2- Make it work on the 22 and upgrade to the 23


                As anti has described in his posting, there is a way to upgrade from 21/22 to 23

                Let me stress these sentences from his guide:

                If you do try it, make sure you have a lot of free space.
                Make sure you have a backup of all your important stuff.

                But I’d rather advocate for a fresh install, it’s probably way easier.

                Concerning the other question:

                I wonder if the 6.1 will be used

                Well, if you install it, it will be used…

                And on a fresh install the very kernel will be used which you’ve selected from the boot menu for the session in which you start the installation, if I’m not mistaken. This means, you can remaster a live boot device after installing a new kernel to it, and after reboot you have to use the live kernel updater (both tools are present in antiX control center, section “Live”). After the live kernel updater has finished his task, it asks again for a reboot, and thenceforth you’ll have the new kernel active on that live medium, and this is the one which will be used for the installation, as long you select for starting the install session the respective entry in boot menu.

                Can kernel 6.1 be installed and used on antiX 22? If yes how…

                If I remember correctly there is at least 6.1.18-antix.1-amd64-smp present, but probably you’ll find the most recent 6.1.55 antiX kernel as well.
                Open a console window (terminal) on antiX 22.

                sudo apt-get update
                apt-cache search linux-headers | grep antix | grep 6.1
                apt-cache search linux-image | grep antix | grep 6.1

                And from the lists presented select the kernel you want to install. You have always to install the header files and the image both, they MUST match. e.g.:

                sudo apt-get install linux-headers-6.1.55-antix.1-amd64-smp linux-image-6.1.55-antix.1-amd64-smp

                This will take some time, since the kernel modules will get compiled.

                P.S.: To get a list of all available antiX kernels for your running system drop the final | grep 6.1 from the commands and enter only

                apt-cache search linux-headers | grep antix
                apt-cache search linux-image | grep antix

                And then again, if you want to give some default debian kernel a try, use simply

                apt-cache search linux-headers
                apt-cache search linux-image

                to see all available kernels on your system.
                And finally, you can activate additional repositories in your apt configuration, which allows you then to get some more kernels like liquorix etc listed. But honestly, the antiX kernels are really fine ones. Whenever possible I prefer using one of these.

                Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


                  Hi nestorgbl, pls do not forget the 3rd install option, if you have /home on a separate partition you can
                  install an updated version or reinstall an updated version keeping that home intact.

                  If you want to update to 23 with 2 GB Mem better to have at least same or more as swap space.

                  antiX 23 64 bit is running fine in daily usage on my friends device, core 2 duo and 2GB Ram.
                  1GB is tight but the system will still run, needs to swap a lot though.
                  I have not tested a 64 bit system with less.


                    It looks that if I am unable to use the newest 6.1Kernel there in no other solution…
                    If I upgrade the 22 to the 23 using the onboard card, and later I install the NVIDIA (being sure it is using the new Kernel)…
                    It will be fine?


                      Case 2-, Can kernel 6.1 be installed on antiX22? Or the only way is to force xorg=nouveau nouveau.modeset=1 How and where?

                      As you have confirmed booting into the live antiX 23, you can install the kernel using chroot directly into your installed system.

                      But let us not jump to conclusions yet. You have 2 options:
                      A. Remove the nvidia card and boot using the integrated graphic card. Then install the 6.1 kernel using cli-aptiX, synaptics or some other installer.
                      B. With the nvidia graphics card connected, boot into the antiX 23 live environment, “enter” your installed system through the terminal, and then install the 6.1 kernel using the live media.

                      Option A is straightforward. For option B, do the following (but chroot into antiX 21/22:

                      Run antiX Live from USB or CD.

                      Run App select and search for “Rescue”.

                      Launch Chroot Rescue Scan and select to chroot into your installed antiX 23. This will “log you” into the installed system as root.

                      apt update and apt install the kernels you need installed. After installing the kernels, it should update grub (if it doesn’t, run update-grub).

                      Control+D to end the chroot session and quit the app.

                      Reboot the system and select the kernel from the advances options if it wasn’t set as the default kernel.

                      In more detail, you can search to see if there are any antiX 6.1 kernels available in antiX 21/22 (I think there is)

                      apt update
                      apt list linux-image-6.1*

                      If you can confirm there is 6.1 kernel version, then you can install the newest version. If I am not mistaken, the newest version you can install in antiX 22 is linux-image-6.1.42-antix.1-amd64-smp
                      Please check yourself on the chrooted system. If this is correct, you can install the kernel with the command
                      apt install linux-image-6.1.42-antix.1-amd64-smp linux-headers-6.1.42-antix.1-amd64-smp

                      After it properly installs, you can close the chroot session with Control+D or typing exit in the terminal.

                      After shutting down and booting into your installed system, you should be able to reach the desktop environment even with the nvidia card plugged in.


                        As I already posted before and attached now, the machine have a Dell motherboard…
                        Maybe, yes, even with Intel components something special could be…
                        But I wonder why the old Mint CDs boot, yes slow, but they boot without issues with the NVIDIA card installed…
                        From the Mint13 Mate to the 21…
                        Well that is not conclusive; it happen to me some time ago, with a laptop, that the live CD worked, but the installed system graphics did not, with Mint…


                          Yes, I do have a /home partition I always have at least 2 partitions, if not more, in all my systems.
                          I will have plenty of space after I afix the 1Tb hdd (I guess that’s enough), but still I need to do some mechanics to hold the new Hdd. I plan to move the /home to the new 1T disk in some partition there.
                          Then I will follow your instructions, and let you know…
                          Best regards


                            I will make a full back up, and after testing it works, I will try the options..

                            Kernel: swappiness: 10 (default 60) cache-pressure: 50 (default 100)
                            ID-1: swap-1 type: partition size: 2.87 GiB used: 1.8 MiB (0.1%) priority

                            Swap size looks good, but can be increased, no problem with that.
                            How much?
                            Swappinness is Ok in 10 or should be back to 60?



                              10 is antiX default. I’ve never experienced any issues with this, so I guess you can stick to this value rather than resetting it to the debian default 60.

                              Optimal swap size: I’d recommend double size of your RAM plus some extra percent. This will allow you to suspend to RAM without getting into trouble.

                              Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


                                After upgrading to antix kernel 6.1.42 /dev was fully populated, no more green screens.
                                But I was presented with a CLI to login, I did and tried to startx with no avail.
                                An error 1 showed and a log file and there I relized that the system still was trying to load intel drivers from /etc/X11/xorg.conf but a note said that this file will be erased on the next live login. As the live antix22 live usb died long time ago, I just renamed the file, to be on the safe side and tried to reboot again.
                                Successs! Everything is working like a charm!
                                Still some work to do to fit the new hdd, but that is a peace of cake…and to upgrade to antiX23…
                                thanks everyone!
                                See attached files, please.

                                Some forums ask to mark topics as solved, but in this one I am unable to find a way to do so, maybe not needed…

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                                  By the way I attached a picture twice by error. I clicked edit but I do not find a way to remove the extr picture…

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