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    About old computers:
    My home computer is a single core intel atom netbook with 1 gig shared RAM. Using antiX and Ungoogled-chromium, I’m able to run youtube videos at 720p. It’s even better if I use mpv to watch a video- with some limitations I can watch even full hd videos… (I may sound like a old man in a time when 4k is trying to become the standard)
    From this browser or Firefox-ESR I can run basically almost every single site on the web (exceptions- web sites that use out dated tech like Silverlight- saddly that limitation makes me unable to watch my web tv service in my antiX box 🙁 )
    I can run LibreOffice just fine, I can run on-line MS Office365 just fine, I can use my printer out of the box, no need to install drivers.
    All this in a 10 year old machine that was already low spec when it came out. Why buy new hardware when I can do 98% of what I what to do (and really what most users do) with this machine?
    Oh, maybe if I was a gamer, sure, a high spec machine may be worth the investment. But I haven’t been a gamer (except maybe on mobile platforms) for some 15 years…
    And with the possible advent of google’s streaming gaming service, maybe I’ll be able to play up to date games with my computer if I want to… maybe…
    Thanks antiX team for making be able to still have a computing experience without the need to buy new hardware…


Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)
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