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    This is likely a problem that affects me personally, and may be of no interest to others.

    I had an older forum account registered with the email address:

    The email address is no longer accessible to me, due to a lost password and Google’s useless automated password recovery, which helpfully suggests I retrieve it via SMS with a phone number I no longer have, from a phone I no longer have, registered in another country I am not currently in!

    So my question for the forum admins is:
    Is there something I can do to prove that I am the legitimate owner of the account associated with lubodiakov@gmail.com, and use that, or at least merge the two accounts so my old posts are shown as authored by me, and I have only one identity, rather than the multiple personality that exists now?

    I just found my old account here in the forum, it is registered with the username lubod.


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    Mr. Lubo Diakov
    email: zr90004@gmail.com

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