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      Package Installer tree is English only.

      Do you want help changing this or is this decision by design?


      $ sudo dpkg -i packageinstaller_21.3.03_ski_amd64.deb

      @marcelocripe, don’t use dpkg -i and use apt install instead to resolve dependency problems. I already discussed this with Mr. Brian Masinick, it is always better to use apt to install .deb packages.

      For the future, use
      sudo apt install <package-name>
      so that you don’t suffer again dependency problems (and it even refreshes/updates the menus).

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        Here is a newly minted, updated version of the packageinstaller.
        Before sending a merge request to anticapitalista, I’ll wait for testers

        I want to clarify:
        This test deb is was not intended so serve as an immediate, permanent replacement.
        As Xecure pointed out, maybe the “Stable” tab was intentionally omitted from the for-antiX packageinstaller application.

        This was simply a test of whether the newer version (authored by MX Team, who also authored the older version (for MX14//antix)) would resolve the “ignores locale” problem.

        Personally, I do not like distrust the packageinstaller application. We have seen multiple forum help requests related to the fact that — upon a failed transaction and/or program “freeze up” — it can leave the non-default “testing” repository sources line enabled. (I tested to confirm: this can//does occur.) As a result, a user can unwittingly wind up wrecking their system by pulling in packages from “testing” during their ongoing normal (from-commandline or synaptic) pkg install and upgrade operations.


          @anticapitalista Thanks for the statement. I wasn’t aware of the fact the “tree” skidoo has mentioned somewhere above covers all the columns of the selection menu.

          @Skidoo Many thanks for your .deb testing-version of packagemanager. This gave many insights, regardless the fact I can’t execute it on my equipment.

          distrust the packageinstaller application … it can leave the non-default “testing” repository sources line enabled.

          I’ve never used it before, since I’m accustomed to “apt-get” way of installing. So I can’t tell from personal experience. But many of our users don’t even know there is existing a thing like a commandline 🙂 They will be probably better off using this manager.
          So the central question is: Can the mechanism toughened up _not_ to leave wrong settings after an accidental crash of the program? After what I’ve learned from writing the new version of aCMSTS script, I am quite sure this is possible to do. I had to cope with a very similar problem there, which was to prevent leaving antiX main menu in an “invalid” state from testing on accidentally break-off of the script. So I’m pretty sure these difficulties can get overcome in packagemanager also.

          @Marcelo, what anticapitalista and Xecure have written in their posts above means, that in antiX flavour of packageinstaller all these strings Wallon had asked for at the very beginning of this thread are untranslated still by design of the program file itself. So, even if there are translations present on transifex, they will only be used by mxlinux flavour of the packageinstaller. There are some main differences between the functionality of these two flavours of this program; As you noticed already, antiX utilises another backend for packagemanagement (apt instead of aptitude). Since this is a baic design decision, I don’t think these antiX basics will be replaced for some untranslated strings only. As you’ve mentioned already, the aptitude program might not work stable in antiX (I can’t tell for sure, but you experienced crashes using it yourself).

          Do you want help changing this or is this decision by design?

          I’d like to help to change it, with reason: I believe the adding of these translations is worth the effort, since the presentation of choices to the user is one of the main functions of this packagemanager.

          Meanwhile I’ve compared the corresponding codelines of the two versions on gitlab.
          packageinstaller skidoo version
          packageinstaller original antiX version

          It seems mx-linux has added at least two new functions in the code, which do perform the translation of the complete tree. The translated strings itself seem to be located in additional packages (mx-packageinstaller-categories and mx-packageinstaller-descriptions). Since this program is written in C++ code I can only understand parts of it, but it might be possible to port these functions (starting at lines 329 and 354 in mainwindow.cpp of recent skidoo version) to antiX flavour of the program. The basic code and its structure looks quite similar.

          This addendum or port can be done only by somebody trained in programming in C++ so it’s out of my reach up to the present. We’ll have to wait until somebody accordingly skilled feels like tackling this problem.

          By then we can live with the untranslated strings.

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            > additional packages (mx-packageinstaller-categories and mx-packageinstaller-descriptions)

            No such packages exist, so I checked just now to see where those translations are sourced.
            Good news ~~ an identical “category.dict” file is already in place, is provided (intalled) via the existing antiX packageinstaller-pkglist

            cd /tmp
            git clone http://gitlab.com/antix-linux/packageinstaller-pkglist
            git clone http://github.com/MX-Linux/mx-packageinstaller-pkglist
            diff -s /tmp/packageinstaller-pkglist/category.dict /tmp/mx-packageinstaller-pkglist/category.dict

            now I’ll investigate merging the mainwindow.c lines 329+ and 354+ and related code into the older version


              new debfile to test: http://gitlab.com/skidoo/packageinstaller/-/blob/master/packageinstaller_0.2.7~ski_amd64.deb

              package DESCRIPTIONS remain untranslated, but I suspect that’s simply due to no (none,zero) translations present within any of the antiX copies of the *.pm files


              How I searched, to check whether ANY of the files contain translated description strings, and found none:

              cd /tmp
              git clone http://gitlab.com/antiX-Linux/packageinstaller-pkglist
              cd packageinstaller-pkglist
              grep -inr '[<][a-z][a-z][>]'

                new debfile to test: http://gitlab.com/skidoo/packageinstaller/-/blob/master/packageinstaller_0.2.7~ski_amd64.deb

                I didn’t have much time to test, but the category tree does seem to translate correctly for the different languages I have tested.

                As you have pointed out, program description translations needs to be included inside the .pm file. I haven’t tested mysefl yet if replacing the <Description> content with the ones in mx-packageinstaller-pkglist ones will translate correctly. When I have more time I will check it out.

                Great work.

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                  hi skidoo and Xecure,
                  skidoo, you’ve done really great work! Thank you very much for this. I didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

                  the category tree does seem to translate correctly for the different languages I have tested

                  This sounds fine. Thanks for checking, Xecure, as you know I can’t do it myself.

                  that’s simply due to no (none,zero) translations present within any of the antiX copies of the *.pm files

                  So in mx version of packageinstaller they must have established a workflow to get the translations from “mx-packageinstaller-descriptions” package (which does exist at least on transifex, containing 363 strings by now) into the corresponding .pm files. When downloading the files in this package from transifex “for use” you’ll get simple text files only, one for each language, containing all “descriptions” for a particular language.
                  The translated strings in your example .pm file
                  source obviously from these text files. I’ll attatch the file containing the original strings (en) along with fr and de translation files by way of example. There are individual .txt files for 54 (55) languages present in “antiX developement”. Within the files the strings are sorted in the same order always, but nothing else.
                  I suspect they use a build script to collate the strings and distribute them into the corresponding .pm files?

                  Maybe this is a trace which leads us to find out how the existing translated descriptions make their way into the selection menu of packageinstaller.

                  Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


                    Great work, skidoo. I just replaced a few .pm file <description> content with the ones in mx-packageinstaller-pkglist and the description in the packageinstaller is loading the correct translated description (I am using the .deb you uploaded).

                    I have used the source in skidoo’s git to build a .deb for i386 (for buster, so not sure if it will work on antiX 17).

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                      Here are the strings for translation.



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                        Many thanks, anticpitalista!
                        So we (the antiX community) will set ourselves to work now and do our part, filling in the hundreds of new strings for this program in transifex. Great work altogether.

                        Xecure, thank you very much for the i368 test build. I’ll check it straight this evening, but after the report of your test with skidoos latest version I’m pretty sure it’ll work as expected.

                        Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


                          Thanks, anticapitalista. I will contribute as much as I can with the translations.

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                            Thank you, anticapitalista.

                            Guys, the mx-packageinstaller-descriptions file has several texts that can be reused at antix-packageinstaller-descriptionstxt. I suggest that if an error is found in the texts contained in the mx-packageinstaller-descriptions file to take the opportunity to make the necessary corrections. This way both distributions grow … I had revised several items in mx-packageinstaller-descriptions about 4 months ago.

                            As far as I can see, for now what is different is the order of the items. Because they are different operating system description files, you will likely have a different kernel and some programs specific to each distribution.

                            The translation memory of transifex reused several translations from mx-packageinstaller-descriptions to antix-packageinstaller-descriptionstxt.

                            Good job for everyone in the antix-packageinstaller-descriptionstxt and package-installer-categories files.

                            (Original text in Brazilian Portuguese)


                            Obrigado, anticapitalista.

                            Pessoal, o arquivo mx-packageinstaller-descriptions possui vários textos que poderão ser reutilizados no antix-packageinstaller-descriptionstxt. Eu sugiro que se for encontrado algum erro nos textos contidos no arquivo mx-packageinstaller-descriptions para aproveitar para fazer as correções necessárias. Desta forma ambas as distribuições crescem … Eu havia feito a revisão de vários itens do mx-packageinstaller-descriptions há aproximadamente 4 meses atrás.

                            Até onde eu consegui ver, por enquanto o que está diferente é a ordem dos itens. Por serem arquivos de descrição de sistema operacional diferente, provavelmente terá kernel diferente e alguns programas específicos de cada distribuição.

                            A memória de tradução do transifex reutilizou várias traduções do mx-packageinstaller-descriptions para o antix-packageinstaller-descriptionstxt.

                            Bom trabalho para todos nos arquivos antix-packageinstaller-descriptionstxt e package-installer-categories.

                            (Texto original em idioma Português do Brasil)


                              Thank you all for the development of Antix.
                              You all form a very nice team as solid as a rock.
                              The French translation is finished at Transifex.
                              Best regards,


                                Report of results of testing latest skidoos version, compiled for 32 bit by Xecure: Sorry for the late reply, I had to create a new provisional 19.3 live stick first, since the test version didn’t work on 17.4.1 for dependency reasons:

                                sudo apt install  '/home/demo/test/packageinstaller_0.2.7_ski_i386.deb'
                                [sudo] Passwort für demo: 
                                Paketlisten werden gelesen... Fertig
                                Abhängigkeitsbaum wird aufgebaut.       
                                Statusinformationen werden eingelesen.... Fertig
                                Hinweis: »packageinstaller« wird an Stelle von »/home/demo/test/packageinstaller_0.2.7_ski_i386.deb« gewählt.
                                Einige Pakete konnten nicht installiert werden. Das kann bedeuten, dass
                                Sie eine unmögliche Situation angefordert haben oder, wenn Sie die
                                Unstable-Distribution verwenden, dass einige erforderliche Pakete noch
                                nicht erstellt wurden oder Incoming noch nicht verlassen haben.
                                Die folgenden Informationen helfen Ihnen vielleicht, die Situation zu lösen:
                                Die folgenden Pakete haben unerfüllte Abhängigkeiten:
                                 packageinstaller : Hängt ab von: libqt5core5a (>= 5.11.0~rc1) aber 5.7.1+dfsg-3+deb9u3 soll installiert werden
                                E: Probleme können nicht korrigiert werden, Sie haben zurückgehaltene defekte Pakete.

                                Maybe this can get resolved by releasing the package libqt5core5a from hold, but never mind, it’s a test only. Important thing is:

                                On antiX 19.3, 32 bit, this works fine, exactly as you have already reported from your 64bit version. As you can see from the screenshots everything is in place after adding the translated lines to the .pm files.

                                Thank you very much again!

                                By the way, German translations are completed also in transifex.

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                                • This reply was modified 3 years, 2 months ago by Robin.

                                Windows is like a submarine. Open a window and serious problems will start.


                                  Dear all,

                                  For information, I have received the latest version of the “Package Installer” n° 0.2.7.
                                  The “categories tree” is translated in French exepted for “Desktop Environment”, “Disk”, “File Managers”, “Kernel”, “Non-Free”, “Package Management”.
                                  All the packages and all descriptions are in English.

                                  Best regards,

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