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      I am not sure if this is a package installer issue, but there is no pipewire-pulse package. I just checked on the debian package site and bullseye’s pipewire packages don’t seem to include a pipewire-pulse either.


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        We have never had pipewire in the package installer.
        User can of course install it via the repos, but it is not an officially supported antiX project at the moment.

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          Thanks for clarifying that.

          I saw the packages in the repos and read posts stating it might be used in antix 21 and thought the combination meant it was.

          I would be happy to make it work and it is fun (I am retired <g>) to try to do it.

          Xecure has responded to my comments and I actually have pavucontrol working today in at least a limited way.

          As to my opening comment – it turns out that (at least today) pipewire-pulse IS there.

          I appreciate the hard work you (and some others) are doing.



            Hi 4LV3, first please accept apology regarding DW review

            No worries. I understand the difficulty in maintaining positive public profiles. I’ve had my name besmudged so many times I’ve gone full anon.

            Regarding screen flickering or tearing, the team can only fix problems which are known…
            Please let us know about problems so we can help to fix things. Many issues are on specific
            devices and often do not show up during testing.

            OK I will make a test partition for 21, try the fixes from the screen blinking thread, and report back. It won’t be immediate, though.

            regarding homeless…Sounds corny but if you give a little info on approximate whereabouts maybe there is a chance
            somebody can give some help

            Thank you for your kind words. I’m on the road right now, but when I settle, I’ll consider giving a shout out.

            Mods > feel free to move my posts to another place if it makes more sense


              @4L1V3, whether the solution from the other thread can be adopted exactly one-to-one depends primarily on your hardware. (nvidia/intel graphic) The key point for this solution is if you selected “safe video mode” or “failsafe” when booting live. We need to know your hardware. Might open another thread with information from inxi -zv7
              if you have the time.


                but when I settle, I’ll consider giving a shout out.

                Shout when you need not when you settle, that took me years and the time between was sometimes pretty horrible…
                In VN I was prepared for trouble, when covid came more to carry, I told my Lady friend to keep going around and help neighbours.
                Put another way if you can carry a parachute, or somebody gives one you survive a high fall.

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