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    Brian Masinick

      Regarding Palemoon I am able to use it for reading forums and Webmail.

      I don’t attempt to use it with the newest technology but it works for a reasonable amount of the things I access every day.

      I don’t often use several of the alternative browsers but I will say that the various links varieties and Dillo are useful for text documents.

      Brian Masinick


        Hi @ninos,

        Did you mention the specs of your “very old laptop”? I missed it. Is this earlier than a Pentium 4? Or an early AMD Athlon?

        I have used Palemoon and SeaMonkey successfully on Pentium 4. On Pentium III or earlier, or early Athlon, you need to use a non-SSE version. I still prefer SeaMonkey on the Pentium III’s even though I have to put a “hold” on the version so as to not upgrade beyond the non-SSE version. Also, usually FirefoxESR still works. But not as good on RAM as SeaMonkey. Some of my systems have only 512MB.

        Also used successfully on Pentium 3 and 4 – Otter Browser, Nertsurf, Links2.



          Hi Ninos,

          People have very different ideas on what light, fast, slow, efficient. With my AntiX-22 Full plus Ffox with 20-tabs open I am only using 558MiB RAM.

          For some reason people get upset when I show Gimp, Abiword, printer etc actually playing a web video using only 560MiB RAM (7% of 8GiB) CPU @ 18%


          As you can see the browser is midori which was standard with Trisquel-mini at the time….
          Midori seemed to fall out of fashion but have just had a quick look for you and it seems stronger than ever with an iOS version too.

          Midori Browser is a light, fast and secure browser, extremely fast when surfing the web. Midori is available for multiple operating systems and you can find it for Linux, Windows, MacOS, Android & very soon it will be available on iOS.”


          Midori Browser is very different from other web browsers, it has an integrated ad blocker, low consumption of ram memory and resources, it is the fastest browser for windows, it integrates a password manager and much more

          Hope this helps someone 🙂

          Empty Handed

            Pale Moon nonsse2 wont save passwords for me.
            Is there any fix around for this?

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