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    I need to find a simple “microsoftesque” distro for a parents computer. I’m leaning toward XFCE, cause it will work on most pretty low grade hardware. Close to Windows for older newbs.

    I’d like opinions/help. I wanna give them Xubuntu, but from previous experience, I believe, an Ubu “distro upgrade” from lets say 18 to 20., Pretty idiot proof, but UBU seems to kill all PPA’s before allowing a self “Rolling Stable Upgrade.” So, Xubu ppa’s get blocked, then they would end up with Ubu 20.04, but lose “old people” XFCE, since it was ppa based.

    Sorry, I know this should probably be in MX forums, haven’t registered there yet.

    Long story short: I’d like a “rolling stable release”. If I give my parents Xubu, I will require more hands on, to give them upgrades. Anyone with experience upgraging MX would help greatly.
    Can/does MX reinstall itself with each release?
    How hard is it to keep /home, and not overwrite…
    I need a way to go from “18.04-20.04”, but like, A, keep XFCE, but also hopefully keep settings/home. Can my dad with a XFCE bottom panel “start menu”, upgrade to the next MX and keep /home, and bottom panel config…. I don’t feel I could explain this to him over phone…

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    Howdy Jessie.


    > Can/does MX reinstall itself with each release?
    > How hard is it to keep /home, and not overwrite…

    Is MX Linux a rolling distro?
    What’s the MX release cycle?
    What’s the best way to upgrade from one version of MX to another?
    How long will a version of MX be supported?
    . . .


    No distro is totaly free of problems while upgrading that said major version
    upgrades of MX do, in my experience go well, Wait a while, let experienced users
    go first so they can advise on any issues encountered.
    A real rolling release, I would not recommend. Too many issues experienced.
    Keep a stable base and upgrade applications is a better/safer way to go.

    I have a user who may be considered admin horror, she is disabled and freezes
    in stress situations but manages, mostly without help on MX XFCE.

    For support, especialy in present time, I use a smartphone and wire messenger

    Any video app will allow to see a screen and advise. That works anywhere a
    reasonable internet connection is available. Tested between europe and asia
    as well as within europe.

    Do not underestimate your dad, some of us are likely as not, older than him
    and managing fine.


    I would go with MX. They support the OS a long time, so you don’t have to upgrade/reinstall every year. Typically a 5 year span.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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