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    Last Free Version is still available, I did have some problems with
    site not available/Adress errors but persevered, downloaded today.
    Works ok on Anti with ICE WM, Installed with G Debi which created
    a menu item.

    Only caveat is do not follow the new version available hints unless
    you want or need to buy the Pro version 5x which is more limited and
    adds watermarks. Buying Version 5 too expensive for the few times I
    would need it as a private person.
    Of course for daily use only fair to buy and the price seems fair for
    the functions offered..
    Download links are:



    Not anything new really … all versions a still downloadable (if you know the exact name) and …

    It adds the watermark on non-free functions only.

    With other words, you can still edit (fill-in some form) without a watermark in version 5.x.

    For simple fill-in, you actually don’t even need Master PDF Editor at all.

    For creating fill-able documents neither.

    Libre Office Draw can do it too.

    If it can’t — then you anyway don’t want something “free” — than you need to create much more than just a simple fill-able form.

    This justifies a few bucks for a good software too.

    Actually, even non-editable part of PDF documents, one could edit in LOD.
    Of course, you’d wanna be a good faker and get the original font first.

    Do you see the difference in non-editable text, on those two screenshots below?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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