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    YES, the USB Connect program mounts the Galaxy to transfer data files to HP Laptop, BUT the Galaxy keeps droppg-off after a few minutes and then I have to fiddly-fook with the GULAG OS to get access to folders to transfer more files to HP Laptop.

    Which begs the question yet again:

    A: Can I install a ver. of antiX to Galaxy?
    B: If not – what non-GULAG OS will work with Galaxy and doesnt require a computer degree to install?

    Carry-on til you are carrion . . .


    @PFO – The disconnect, after “a few minutes” is probably due to the tablet entering power saving mode [ probably after 5-10 minutes]. It that is so, don’t leave the tablet unanteded, and touch it’s screen every couple of minutes, just to spot that from happening…

    About your questions:
    A: No, antiX does not have any version that runs on that device’s architecture.
    B: Hum… probably not… I’m a heavy Linux user, familiar with the command line and scripting and I stay away from changing my android OS – but you can try reading about using adb, like Xecure suggested, to disable or uninstall unneeded apps, saving some space and making your device run a bit lighter – as you can see from a previous post I have a device similar to your’s almost brand new, and I still use almost like it was a small “windows” touchscreen laptop – but you have to hunt down for apps that are instalable for such old devices – MS Office, for example, runs great on my device, but is no longer found on the Playstore. If you want it as a media device, slap VLC on it, and it works great. If you want to read pdf files, adobe reader. For using the web, Firefox with some privacy plugins… The default camera is probably optimized to get the best results possible… Simple games are instalable on it, but probably not very recent ones… The same goes for very resource demanding applications.




    This is turning into a real clusterfrag!

    Up until this month whenever I plugged the Galaxy into the HP antiX laptop a desktop appeared Id transfer files both ways with no problems. Now:

    1. Destop for “tablet pops up, but when I open a large folder to copy and transfer files it:
    a. Takes 3 to 5 minutes to populate
    b. Another 3 – 5 minutes to select/all or copy, or anything.
    c. Doesnt allow a paste onto the HP laptop.

    I must have screwed up some function on the antiX HP because the process was seamless and fast up until this month.

    Any suggestions besides the old MacroSloth Windows 95/98/XP WIPE & RELOAD?



    I didn’t understand what you mean in your first point “1. Destop for “tablet pops up” – do you mean a file manager window? Which one? Rox? Spacefm? Are you using the antiX android device usb app? We need more details to try to help you out…
    Meanwhile – you can try doing the copying from your tablet from a live antix instance (Live cd/dvd/usb) and see it that works… If it does it’s something wrong with your antix install…
    If I was a betting man, I would say it’s the tablet’s fault- on the 3-5 minutes question- check if you have many usb devices connected to the HP desktop- it may be simply a matter of having the usb ports “too busy”, that slow everything to a crawl… also I noticed that back entries always were faster than front entries (not kidding, I’m really talking about USB entries on my old desktop)
    If you have internet on that particular Hp desktop (and a wireless connection on the android device), try sharing files (both ways) using an http file sharing app on the android device (I use “Sweech” it’s fast, free and without adds)


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    Hey PPC,

    ROX File Manager Window with antiX android device usb app.

    a. antiX android device usb app takes 2-5 minutes to bring up the
    ROX File Manager Window – HP LAPTOP – NO USB PLUG-INS besides TABLET
    b. Drag & drop is OK
    c. File transfer speed is:
    1. wlan0 up: 62K – 324K – 110K repeat
    2. wlan0 down: 117K – 353K – 109K repeat
    3. CPU: 2 – 4%

    So, I dont think it works although it has transfered a doxen PDFs and the first two dozen jpegs. BUT, drops off after that.

    I cannot SELECT those additional 160 jpegs because the Tablet wont allow it.
    antiX only allows a MOVE command – no PASTE.

    “back entries always were faster than front entries”??

    Have internet on this particular HP LAPtop and will check for “Sweech” now.

    The “antiX android device usb app” connects BUT the desktop wont download properly – Are there terminal commands that could accomplish this task?



    Try with SpaceFM. Easier to copy and paste. Don’t enter the folder that contains the images and simply copy it to a different folder. This way it shouldn’t take so long.

    By the way, is that microUSB-USB cable good? It may be the one to blame.


    Hi Xecure,

    Thanx for the tip, I suspected the cable and then the desktop SW – current status:

    CABLE – Tried original and a charger cable and both work.

    DESKTOP SW – This HP Laptop is running “Rox-icewm”

    antiX Other Desktops folder shows – Space-fluxbox – Space-icewm – Space-jwm. Which one is best?



    @PFO – if you just want to use SpaceFM File manager (to copy files from your android device or for some other end), you can just start it from menu > applications > System > SpaceFM.
    You do not have to change your desktop.

    For all you knewbies out there, here is goes a simple descrition of available antiX “desktops”

    There is no “best” desktop”: antiX ships with 3 window managers ( IceWM- the default, JWM and Fluxbox ). Each of this 3 window managers have 4 options:
    – simply run the window manager, with the default apps loaded ( like conky, volume manager, etc)- this options names are just the window manager names: IceWM, JWM, Fluxbox. This do not show desktop icons
    – run the window manager saving the most RAM possible (basically no applications loaded – no conky, volume icon, desktop wallpaper , etc) – they have the prefix “min-” or “minimal-…”
    – window manager using rox to show desktop icons ( they have the prefix rox-…)
    – window manager using SpaceFM to show desktop icons ( they have the prefix space-…)

    antiX does not care what desktop or File Manage you are using. You can use any combination possible…


    Forum Admin

    antiX ships with 3 window managers ( IceWM- the default, JWM and Fluxbox ).

    That’s not entirely accurate. antiX ships with 4 window managers, the 3 mentioned plus herbstluftwm.


    @SamK – I was hoping no one would comment on that – I kept “herbstluftwm” out of that explanation not to confuse newbies… But you are 100% correct. The full explanation should include this:

    - there's also a tilling window manager included in antiX - herbstluftwm - that does not allow desktop icons. herbstluftwm can be launcher from the log-in screen, by pressing F1 until you see it's name, and then entering your password.- Be advised that you should read the instructions it provides, or it can be hard to bet back to your previous Window Manager, since it does not provide a normal antiX menu...



    Well Dawgs,

    After searching the Android – antiX & Gulag sites for clues to download pictures from the Galaxy tablet it occured to me that this HP Laptop is partitioned into antiX & WIN XP halves. So, I booted WIN XP, plugged-in the Galaxy and it walked me through the download in less than 90 seconds. Now I know why I keep two OSs on each box.

    Today, I d like to deGOOGLE the Galaxy by REMOVING all GULAG programs and/or simply force shutting them down, although they seem to pop on again by themselves. Any references to WEBSites that walk people through this OR antiX Forum pages discussing this gladly studied.

    Carry-on til you are carrion . . .



    search for debloating your device. Try and find a safe to remove list.
    You will need to use adb to disable for user, if that is possible on your android version.
    BE CAREFUL, if you remove some applications
    you may need to factory reset the device. You can use adb commands to reinstall for user,
    that can and does sometimes fail.
    If the device can be rooted be double careful
    or you can pretty quickly have a door stopper, unless you can flash the ROM again that is.

    i had to flash a lenovo device twice, lucky to unbrick it, I was just too reckless.

    Guide to ADB is on XDA develppers website.

    I assume it is unintentional, DAWG means dog.

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    Hey DAWGS,

    Well I shouldah listened to my doubts and just opted for auto boot.

    Now the log-in process FAILS and I can’t boot up.

    Booted off CD but couldn’t find any boot/password fix programs.

    Any advice gladly taken.

    Carry-on til you are carrion . .



    login process fails
    couldn’t find any boot/password fix programs

    During boot, append ” 1″ (a space char followed by numeral one) to the bootline.
    This instructs the OS to boot into “runlevel 1, aka emergency mode”.

    At the command prompt, you can reset your account pawwsord via the native “passwd” command.
    For instructions howto use the passwd command, type:
    man passwd


    Thank skidoo, but there is some goofy looking building sign-in page that took my login and pass til last week and now gives me:

    Failed to execute log-in command

    The goofy bldg. remains on the page and will not allow me into the command line.

    Any advice gladly followed


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