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    For you Raspberry Pi fans:

    The TinyCore / dCore / piCore team near and dear to my heart, has made a new release, which covers all the boards:


    Team Tiny Core is pleased to announce the release of piCore-11.0:
    Thanks to @Paul_123 for his help with this
    * kernel 4.19.81
    * glibc 2.30
    * gcc 9.2.0
    * e2fsprogs 1.45.4
    * util-linux 2.34
    * BusyBox  1.28.4
    Other changes:
    * initrd split into 11.0.gz (rootfs) and 4.19.81-piCore{,_v7,_v7l}.gz
    * X libs and server updated - full kms supported on RPi3, fake kms supported on RPi4
    * wayland added with weston compositor
    Download locations:
    There is only one SD card image, it supports all RPi boards, including RPi3+ and RPi4.
    Please read README and don't forget to expand the mmcblk0p2 partition according to your needs to make room for persistent data and installed applications.
    For support visit http://forum.tinycorelinux.net/index.php/board,57.0.html

    I also see some preliminary testing of the Vulkan driver too.

    Lots of SBC distros out there, but if you are a hands-on type, piCore is always appealing. Don’t forget to expand your initial partition!

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