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      I see that forum’s SEARCH works with Pale Moon (32.3.1 32-bit) now.


        Hi, I have few questions to which I would appreciate (pointing to OR) an answer.

        1) Is it (OR Will it be) possible to delete an attachment already attached?
        I could not see it.
        Please see the motivation in the following topic:

        2) How about PM? Is it supposed to be permanently turned off?

        3) The need to confirm ‘Resend’ when reloading main site of the forum as of now (Sun Aug 27 05:03:01 PM CEST 2023).
        Is it possible this is related to the (Un)Read topics and thus supposed to stay?


          Hello, Just for information, during a long time I had to use a VPN to connect to the MX and antiX forum … now I can connect to the MX forum without a VPN, but here for the antix forum, I still need the VPN to post here. (I guess my ISP has some networks extra automatics on the fly rules, and some of them are buggy )

        Viewing 3 posts - 91 through 93 (of 93 total)
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