please stop “recommending” use of ventoy and balenaEtcher

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    I’ve read in this thread a couple of times. Maybe I didn’t follow everything being said or suggested. But isn’t the issue often raised that new users have only one computer running an older version of Windows, like maybe XP or Vista? And maybe they have only one USB key and do not have experience with creating live bootable devices?

    They want to try antiX but can’t quite follow the instructions, or maybe don’t have internet access to download a copy of Rufus and the antiX ISO. They can’t get access to Live USB Maker yet, until after they get antiX booted somehow. To a newbie this is a catch-22. Need to use Live USB Maker to make a Live antiX bootable persistant USB but can’t boot antiX to use said Live USB Maker.

    In the old days (a little over a year ago) one could purchase a LiveCD/LiveDVD with antiX on it. Or, if they didn’t have an optical drive they could purchase a LiveUSB with antiX on it. But now it has to be downloaded? as an ISO and then “burned” or “made” into a LiveCD/LiveDVD/LiveUSB. What if that person does not have the internet? Or if they only have a smart phone?

    How can we help make it easier for these folks to try out antiX? Is that the question?

    If they do have reliable internet then it seems the best path is to download Rufus and the antix ISO and create LiveUSB that will boot in their Windows computer. Then use Live USB Maker to create a full featured antiX LiveUSB.

    If they do not have good internet can we make it easier to purchase/share a LiveCD/DVD/USB created by someone else? Can we make a version of the ISO that can be launched from Windows?

    If a person can figure out how to create bootable Live CD/DVD/USB then what difference does it make if they use Ventoy, belanaEtcher or Rufus? Is there going to be a different outcome in being able to run Live USB Maker after live antiX boots? (I really don’t know, will a non-Rufus tool disable the ability of LUM?) I previously used LinuxLive in Vista/Win7 to create bootable USB drives. It worked to get me started until I learned of other ways. Before that I used ImgBurn to create bootable CD/DVD’s. I also used VirtualBox in Windows to create a virtual antiX machine and created bootable USB’s from there.

    I have tried Ventoy and bellenaEtcher, etc. But I would not recommend them over Rufus in Windows or LUM in antiX. But if someone can be successful using these tools to create a bootable antiX USB then they should be good to go. And I have often used Plop successfully on old equipment just to “boot” from USB. Once I have antiX “live” I use LUM to create a new Live USB. But I am not typical. I have access to a lot of computers and high speed internet and multiple USB keys, etc. But what if I only have an old Windows XP computer and no (or poor) internet connection? I can see that being a challenge.



    Some places have an internet cafe, many places politely asking in a smaller shop “before” buying a stick/CD
    or DVD will get a helpful response, some places want to charge others are happy with a tip.

    If someone only has a smart phone: as mentioned earlier in the thread, If the phone is reasonably modern,
    using either a double ended usb stick or a fitting OTG cable/adapter. Download antix ISO to phone. Write
    ISO to USB with an APP called EtchDroid from F Droid.

    Attachment shows kind of stick I mean.

Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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