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Have you visited the without-systemd.org website?

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  • No (never)
  • Yes (once, maybe... quite a while ago)
  • Yes, and I periodically revisit
  • Yes, and I'm among the 230+ people who have contributed to editing the wiki
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      MainPage has accumulated more than 1.5 million views, but I’ve wondered how many “views” are just searchbot indexer revisits.

      screenshot: stats
      stats source: http://without-systemd.org/wiki/index.php/Special:Statistics

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        Had to vote no. !st time I have become aware of this.

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          hello skidoo
          did find //sysdfree.wordpress.com and thought it might be worth a visit periodically.


            To me, the MainPage view count is less remarkable than the #2.
            326,000+ readings of “How To Remove…” is remarkable.

            At the distrowatch “More statistics” page, I have noticed an uptick trend in interest toward non-systemd distributions
            across the past 12 months, but I haven’t tracked (kept an eye on) the view counts for individual without-systemd.org over time.

            When contributing edits to the section titled “Free and Open-Source (FOSS) operating systems without systemd in the default installation
            I’ve repeatedly felt a bit conflicted ~~ folks have added listings for projects like “VuuDo” (devuan + refractatools + wallpaper)
            which, arguably, are just “respins”. Presenting those to readers (who will likely clicktru, mutter “WTF?” and bail) seems like a disservice.

            Historically (across nearly 5 years now), the listing has been presented as an “all comers welcome” level playing field.
            I would be rocking the boat — but I feel that doing so is long overdue — in changing to a more carefully curated format.
            Chunking the list, to distinguish the true “distributions” from the “toy projects” seems preferable to sending readers goosechasing dead-ends.
            If a given project doesn’t have a website and/or wiki, doesn’t maintain it own repos, doesn’t have a user support forum (or, blechh, a mailinglist)…

            On the other hand (meaning, trying to “see both sides” regarding the prospective change), I’ve added several “puppy variants”
            (more accurately “derivatives of”) to the list. Although FatDog64, (and FatDog ARM!) maintain their own repos, have documentation website…
            …in the eyes of many casual readers, those probably come across as “non-viable dead-ends”.





                Voted “Yes, and I periodically revisit” but truth is, I visit it once in a while but very irregularly. Still, this option seems to be the nearest as I visited it several times up to now.

                My former(!) inxi -zv7, inxi -Fxs and inxi -r are here: https://www.antixforum.com/forums/topic/a-proper-hellp/#post-2981


                  The site has been inaccessible (mediawiki error) for nearly a year.
                  Here’s an enytrypoint link for the archive.org copy of the site:

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