Possibly dangerous behavior of antiX, please can somebody confirm?

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    Brian Masinick

      Hi anti-apXos,

      Yes, with the substitution of curly for curved brackets, the code works. This system is a minimalistic Sid and doesn’t have the nice Bookmarks column or anything in /etc/skel except a Desktop directory. Thank you.

      Hi PPC,

      All is fine. I appreciate that it is a lot of work to create the stuff AND then support sometimes clueless users. I mentioned in the newer thread that I was able to install the Trash setup following your instructions to Kempelen. Very neat. Thanks.

      @stevesr0 I appreciate what you are saying. After being a long-time user of antiX Core and antiX Base, sometimes having BOTH available, I hadn’t used either of them in a few years, mostly because one of my systems, an Acer Aspire 5 A515-55 had been more than enough challenge; I had to cobble together practically everything. First it was getting ANY distro to work with EFI/UEFI. Prior to that system, I hadn’t worked with it much. Then it was getting a new enough kernel to work with antiX; I had to find a distro and kernel collection that worked, then port the ENTIRE kernel infrastructure AND wireless configuration to the system; eventually I conquered all of that, but setting up either Base or Core with all of that to contend with too was just too much.

      Recently however, I did go back to Core and Base, implementing each of them, then remastering and building ISO Snapshot images that I could then install anywhere. I haven’t put those images on all systems, because they are still pretty minimal but I did set them up on a few older systems and the first thing I noticed were the many conveniences on Full that are not on the other images.

      Brian Masinick


        Hi Brian,

        Interesting to hear the trials and tribulations (and achievements) of a profession computerist.

        I regard myself as a permanent noobie because of a lack of skills in analyzing problems, looking and modifying code, in spite of using different Linux distros for several decades.

        My solo antiX NON-full install is what I call my “minimalist” Sid install that I built up from a net install.

        I am amazed how little trouble I have had with it. Of course, I don’t try to use it in a “power” fashion (I don’t do “power” on any of my systems <g>).

        Brian Masinick

          Thank God I had the tools, time and skills to hack together a working solution or I would have missed using antiX for 2-3 years. Ultimately we were able to add all of the necessary pieces to what we produce today. I’m very thankful for the work our team does. It’s possible to build a custom system right from scratch but it’s an incredibly time consuming experience!

          I’ve built several environments from minimal setups. One thing I never did (because I didn’t have to do it and I realized how much work it takes is to build my own) “Linux From Scratch”. I’ve done the near equivalent thing many times and it is a lot of work, not terrible just lengthy.

          Brian Masinick

        Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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