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    on Debian its like they have forgotten that 32 bit is all many people have to use in poorer country’s, I like to use it on low
    powered and low memory boxes both for myself and to donate. LO Org are still offering latest binary version for win 32 bit but not for linux.
    XP is everywhere in Asia, linux sadly mostly unknown so guess that is why.

    Quote from Escuelas Page: LibreOffice 6.3 in 32-bit? Alive and kicking!

    As far as we know, Escuelas Linux is the only distro in the world that includes LibreOffice 6.3 in the Linux 32-bit architecture.
    After the decision of The Document Foundation to shut down the release of LibreOffice 32-bit binaries, Escuelas Linux undertook the challenge of having to compile this complex program for our own distribution and, with the help of members of their development community, the result is that LibreOffice 32-bit is still up and running with us in its most recent version.
    And that’s not all. Escuelas Linux will continue providing 32-bit LibreOffice also for future releases of our distribution. That’s our promise.
    Version information is from old to new computers.

    Will take a long look at this distro, systemd init as based on Bodhi, not my choice. Aimed at primary schools, English and Spanish languages only at present.
    Maybe it can be married to Antix as wachin seems to be trying for a version with more languages supported, live with persistence and Init choice.

    Must have Vietnamese for friends in Saigon.


    I have looked up Escuelas Linux on the web all I know, it is Spanish and based on Bodhi Linux.
    (Escuelas Linux is a free educational distro, aimed from preschool to high schools)

    I,m so clad to see a Linux that is aimed at Education. I have downloaded the escuelaslinux6.6-english-64bits version and helpfully, install it on my test machine X220 over the weekend.

    But I can’t extract or open the archive it gives an error. 2.3gb ?

    Just looked at the install manual I have to download all three zip packagers. 7.5gb but their is no need to install any packagers after the install it is all their already.

    (Sorry for the ditto post)

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    T430 i7-3632QM 16gb with antiX-19 runit Base X64 & MX-19.


    It is now extracted. I see it runs 5.3.7 kernel from what I see inside the iso this will been interesting.

    T430 i7-3632QM 16gb with antiX-19 runit Base X64 & MX-19.

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