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    Build-iso /…/ Template/COMMON/delete-files.list
    and, as seen in an installed system:
    grep -r ‘cache/man/’ /usr/local/share/excludes

    /var/cache/man/index.db (1.0Mb size on disk) is freshened, or rebuilt if absent, during the each apt-get install (or update, remove, purge) operation. When it is absent and must be fully rebuilt… that chore bogs the system (100% CPU load, 1-3 minutes duration) and delays completion of the apt-get operation.

    Also, while /var/cache/man/index.db is absent, the results of these commands will be null:
    man -k <somecommand>
    apropos <somecommand>

    Ironically, nothing (no extracted manpage content) seems to ever get cached under /var/cache/man/ anyhow ~~ I checked both antiX17 + antiX19a2

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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