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    Hi there,

    I’m not exactly a new user here, but I figure this board would be appropriate for me to post my new experience of using AntiX to print for my very first time.

    It. Just. Works!

    It is a pleasant surprise to me that once I connect my printer (a Cannon MP210, for what it’s worth) via USB to my laptop, I can see its correct name in “Control Center”, “Hardware”, “Print Settings”. And the subsequent printing works flawlessly. This kind of seamless experience was not expected from Linux. I don’t normally print often, and I still remember years ago when I was trying to setup the printer in my Lubuntu 16, it took quite a while to STFW for installing drivers and/or CUPS. None of those are needed today.

    Love AntiX!



    Hi Rayluo,
    good for you, no complaints from my side but you might raise false expectations on auto setup.

    Brother Inkjets required DEB package downloads from Brother solutions followed with command line installation then setup in cups on localhost:631.

    My Siemens Laser Printer needed a “Tally Genicom” PPD extracted from a Windows setup CD. in some other distros it is just auto setup. Works fine now though.

    I have not yet hooked up my Tech Starwriter to see if it will run on AntiX, that used to get used a lot where Typewritten was demanded from students, it replaced a monster IBM typewriter and was driven from a hacked Atari ST. That computer is still very usable considering its age, the high res monitor SM124 bought with it was a revolution

    With so many printer models in use around the world having all working out of the box would be a miracle.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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