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      The /front-end-pm did not navigate to Private Messages.
      Is Private Messages unavailable the correct setting?

      When logged into forum, pm The same window when not logged-In.


        PM Page


          PM have been disabled about 2 months ago:

          There is also a problem with the private messages box. It doesn’t appear, I only read this:

          Front End PM


          I’m not starting a new topic for this, because I hope it’ll be fixed soon.

          It seems to be related with forum performance issues:

          Sorry about private messages; the forum plugin that provides them has been identified as a possible culprit of our problems; when we turn it off, both forum performance improve and forum failures go away or are much less frequent. We are looking for usable solutions; until we find one that works properly, we’ll have to do without a few features.

          An increased level of spam attacks has been referred as the source of the problems:

          Also, we turned off the Private Messages last night after running them for a while, but the real suspicion is that it’s the increased level of spam attacks at certain times that may actually be the source of our intermittent problems.


            i missed that suspension.
            Thanks andfree for the gentle reminder. well brought.

          Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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