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    How can I get OOXML files to open correctly in Libre Office ?

    Yesterday I downloaded 5 OOXML files – 4 of them opened incorrectly in Libre Office Writer, like this:
    Only one of them opened correctly:

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    EDIT: As you haven’t specified the Libreoffice version or your system architecture, I provided below general information for 64bit systems.
    If you are running antiX 17 on a 32bit machine, then the information below is useless. For this 32bit case, try upgrading Libreoffice to the newest version using the stretch-backports (version 6.1.5 which is the newest version available for Debian stretch, I think, and maybe has better docx compatibility).

    Libreoffice has compatibility problems with docx files.
    Try using Softmaker FreeOffice (From package installer), as I think the compatibility is better than Libreoffice.

    Others in the past have recommended WPS Office (Has ads, as in advertisements, but some say it has also the best Microsoft Office document compatibility), Onlyoffice (some say it has the better compatibility with Microsoft Office documents than Libreoffice and it seems to be open source, but I think it is a webapp, not sure), and some other I can’t remember right now.

    IF anyone has any better recommendations, and know how to improve docx compatibility in Libreoffice, please advise.

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    I use Libre Office 5.2.7, which is the version available in AntiX-17 repos, on a 64 bit system.

    Softmaker FreeOffice is neither available in the AntiX-17 Synaptic repos, nor in the AntiX-17 package installer.
    I could download the Debian file and try to install it, it is just that the computer is used for work, and if it should crash it would be a disaster of some magnitude.

    OnlyOffice is 30 days free trial only.


    I use Libre Office 5.2.7, which is the version available in AntiX-17 repos, on a 64 bit system.

    Thanks for this info. It helps a lot.

    Sorry about the softmaker freeoffice advice. I thought it was also in the package installer.

    As the machine stability is important, and we now know you are running a 64 bit antiX edition, you can try to use appimages instead so that the system will not be modified by installing any package that may modify the current stable configuration.

    As you are used to Libreoffice, you can first try downloading the newest stable Libreoffice Appimage, make it executable, and try opening the problematic files with it. [Fresh has more features, and still is more stable]. Choose depending on your language needs.

    In this site you can also download an Appimage for Freeoffice. It should also work for you in your system without installing or modifying any system configuration. Appmage doesn’t work on antiX 17 (so forget this path)

    Later today I will test out how well the appimages run on a live-USB antiX 17.4.1, but it should be fine, as others have used appimages before.

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    Writing from antiX 17.4.1 (x64) live fully upgraded.
    Downloaded Libreoffice (Libreofice fresh standard x64 appimage), made it executable and it is running fine on my end. You should be able to download this (or any other stable appimage version) and run it on your system without problems.

    I also downloaded the x64 Freeoffice 2018 .deb package and installed it with
    sudo apt install ./softmaker-freeoffice-2018_982-01_amd64.deb
    After installing, it launches properly from the menu and didn’t need any extra packages for it to work.

    With this, you should be able (through the Libreoffice appimage or through Softmaker Freeoffice) to edit your .docx file properly

    Let us know how it goes.


    The five OOXML files opens correctly and can be edited in Softmaker Freeoffice.

    Thank you very much, Xecure!


    Great news.
    Observing one of the lines, you probably need to install the same fonts used by the original document so the text fits properly inside the boxes. But I must say everything looks much better positioned compared to the first Libreoffice screenshot.

    Good thing there are always different possibilities.



    Softmaker Office does have the best MS Office compatibility I’ve found, better than OnlyOffice or WPS Office in my experience. But I would advise to only use Softmaker if you need it for work or something urgently important. Softmaker is proprietary software, and if you can run your system without proprietary software you are better off.

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