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      A short time ago I bought a very nice small torch from Sofirn, an SP10 Pro.

      Sofirn is a company I highly recommend and actualy started producing torches to satisfy the wishes
      of an enthiuastic community.

      I am a long time Budget light Forum Member, visited the forum today, in a thread on the torch which has an
      anduril2 Interface, er it is programmable with the switch, or so I thought.

      Core of post:
      I read and learned that the torch operating system software can also be reflashed, updated and modified from
      a computer through the USB charging port. Will have to try :-).

      The neccesary software is here:
      Instructions on BLF Forum device thread.

      Plug for BLF and Sofirn.
      BLF is a wonderful knowledge base and community.
      One flagship device is the BLFLT1 Lantern which was produced for the first time when enough pre orders
      were placed. Both Hard and software design is from BLF forum Members. I joined the list and pre ordered.

      The lanterns are not cheap but seem built to last a lifetime. I am more than impressed with mine.

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        Man. you got me curious. the damn thing looks like a tiny light saber (from Star Wars). They seem sturdy enough to use as hammers.
        If I would buy a new (expensive) torch, probably I would go for something that has an in-built solar pannel or it’s usb recharagable, so I can recharge from a tiny solar power – I’ve been wanting to buy one of those for years, and the war only made me think about that having solar power gizmos (or hand cranked power ones), like lanterns and a radio, would be a nice fail safe, in case of a power outage (you know, some larger country can always think tiny old Portugal is a threat, or run by nazis, and decide to invade us).



          Hey Guys this old fool is getting confused about torches and lanterns – Do you mean this horrendously overpriced – made in China – product? In the UK we call this a Lantern – torches are for more directional light.

          We have a Motorhome or small RV if you prefer and like travelling to remote places, Mull of Kintyre and Isle of Arran for instance. So such a device is a necessity at times. Now that I have recovered from seeing the price tag even with a 47% discount – I can tell you we bought a much better device with even more functionality for a fraction of the price: £10 🙂 Still going strong after four years 🙂

          Infamous throughout the World is the Scottish Midge so we were well pleased with our cheap Lantern with USB charge cable. It has three light settings – the lowest has a slight colour tinge which does not attract insects. However separately it has a switch which turns it into an insect zapper. Midges Beware 🙂
          We of course also have a small inexpensive superb little torch which when the sleeve is pulled it extends to reveal a miniUSB port – so cool 🙂

          Search term eBay – Camping Lantern Insect Killer Portable Home Office Caravan Pest Control Light

          Our Lantern is similar to the one below but inflation marches on….

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