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      I always though that having, in Control Centre, a “Conky Manager” GUI that just directly allowed users to edit Conky’s configuration file was a bit basic.
      I have a broader idea for a GUI to “manage” Conky, but for now, I created a simple yad GUI that allows several options:
      – Permanently toggle Conky on/off (and not just for the current session)
      – Restore original Conky settings (extremely handy if a careless user tries to edit Conky’s config file and trashes it, without making a backup of the original file)
      – Refresh information displayed in Conky (handy if you use Conky to display information that is set by default to take a lot of time to reload. I use this to update the weather that is displayed in my conky, on the default Conky this option does not do much)
      – Manually Edit current conky configuration file – this does what the currenty Control Centre entry does- opens ~/.conkyrc for edition in geany

      TO DO:
      – Possibly replace conky-toogle with this script. This means that this script will be renamed. When launched without any options, it will just permantly toggle conky on/off. If launched with the -gui option, it will launch this GUI
      – Add at least one extra “conkyrc” configuration, that users can select. This will be my “modern” Conky configuration. Users can select between the “traditional” Conky or the “modern” one.
      – Once that is done, try to create a more complex GUI, that allows to enable and disable several of the “modern” Conky options (weather, news, etc)

      As is, I think the script is fully production ready, should do well what it proposed to do, but lacks some features I wanted it to have, so, for now, is for testing proposes only.

      This personal project has no connection at all with “Conky Manager”, that, for example, MX-Linux uses. It was created from the ground up, to be used with antix, and be as minimalist as possible, and yet be an easy GUI to use.


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        Dear PPC,
        as the eternal newbie, I don’t know what to do with your program.
        I can get to the file to edit using geany or nano, but I’ve never made any changes because I don’t know where I go to change those parameters.

        The few times I tried MX, I liked the proposal they make (or, perhaps, have made) with the “Conky models” already made.

        Don’t you think this might be a good idea?

        I guess my point of view is very far from the initial guidelines of Mr. anticapitalista. I also think that conky is a (better) duplicate of the information you can find at the bottom right of the ICEwm bar.

        Com amizade 🙂


          I don’t know what to do with your program.

          The idea of that first original version of the script was to be able to perform the actions described in the buttons. The main novelties were providing a GUI to permanently disable (or enable) Conky and also to restore it’s original contents (if users messed up it’s configuration file).
          To a regular user that does not mess with configuration files, the only real novelty was to have a simple way to permanently toggle Conky on or off.


          New version of the script (not sure when I’ll improve it).
          Change Log:
          – Added the possibility to use what I call “Modern Conky”, adapted from a configuration file an user so kindly made available in the forum. (The scripts offers to install the font required to display the weather, if it’s not already installed)
          – Automatically back-ups the current configuration, if no back-up exists
          – Allows users to create a back-up of the configuration any time they want
          – Allows users to Conky’s configuration from the back-up

          For regular users that don’t like to edit configuration files manually, this GUI allows to permanently toggle Conky on/off and also switch between the “Modern Conky” and the “default Conky” with the click of a button.


          Here is a screenshot of the current main window of the GUI:
          Main window

          Also, here is a screenshot of the “Modern Conky” users can switch to with the click of a button:

          Modern Conky

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            I noticed a typo on the main window. I fixed that, and also edited the text of some buttons, to make them even easier to understand. I placed them in what I think it’s a more logical order.

            Screen shot of the current main window:

            Main Window of version 0.3


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              I downloaded and ran the 1st test script on my samsung laptop. Since I only run one conky on all my installs. I probably won’t use it.

              I will download and play with the 2nd edit though I said that on my chromebook.

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                If you are on a slow machine, using no conky and only the IceWM monitors you really need is the most efficient IceWM setup.

                I think its good to offer preconfigured choices of appearance like this, rather than force anyone wanting something different to learn to program conky screens.

                It also would make it an easy change for anticapitalista to select one of the other options as the default if he wants a more modern default look.


                  If you are on a slow machine, using no conky and only the IceWM monitors you really need is the most efficient IceWM setup.

                  I agree. That’s why I think antiX should have a GUI to easily and permantly toogle conky on/off,

                  rather than force anyone wanting something different to learn to program conky screens.

                  My original idea was to also create a GUI that allowed the select what is shown in the “Modern” Conky, so it would act as a series of widgets that show:
                  – Time and date
                  – Quick and simple to read information about system resources
                  – The weather
                  – News (obtained from any rss web site)
                  – The contents of any text file (to allow users to have a quick cheat sheet always on screen).

                  I was not yet able to do that, but I think the Modern Conky configuration file is so well commented that someone that spends a couple of minutes reading it will almost instantly understand what can be changed and/or toggled on/off- it was as close as a GUI to Conky’s contents as I could make it, for now

                  Change log:
                  – Better and easier to read Modern Conky configuration file
                  – Made the main window unresizable



                    To finish off the day:

                    Change log for v.05:
                    – improved modern conky adding a “title”, so the GUI can detect if the “Modern Conky” is being used and also fixed the Weather entry;
                    – Added Toggle to turn Weather on/off

                    Change log for v.06:
                    – Added Toggle to turn Time on/off
                    – Added Toggle to turn News on/off (note: no current GUI to edit the source of the news rss feed yet, you’ll have to manually edit the conky config file and edit line nr 127)


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                    Brian Masinick

                      Nice job @PPC!

                      Brian Masinick


                        I had to edit the script a bit more, because of the weather…

                        Change log:
                        – Changed to weather, in order for it to work in every region, it’s uglier, but seems to work 100% of the time
                        – Needed to edit the template for the “Modern Conky” to fix the weather and also Network Information
                        – Added buttons to toggle System Information and Network Information
                        – Noticed that Rss feeds in Conky don’t seem supported in antiX 23? What the hell???


                        Brian Masinick

                          I didn’t enable news, but I did download the fonts-symbola and activated your new modern style and it 1) looks nice and 2) it does display my weather in local format (Fahrenheit, versus the Celcius scale that others use.
                          3) My local weather servers have somewhat more recent and accurate conditions, but the one’s shared in Conky are reasonable enough.
                          4) I could get into the Conky code and alter the server if I REALLY want the “up to the minute” conditions!

                          It’s really looking nice. The Conky servers on the MX Linux site have some really good ones too; I don’t know if you took a peek at them or not, but those guys have probably at least two dozen alternatives to choose from!

                          Brian Masinick


                            I retested version 0.7b on antiX 23 and o antiX 22.
                            I quite pleased with the results:
                            – The new weather code seems to always work, and like Mr Masinick tested, it adapts to the local settings.
                            – Conky now automatically displays any kind of network connection: eth0 or wlan0 (I can’t test, but it should also work perfectly with eth1 an wlan1)
                            – The “applet GUI” successfully toggles all the options I think are essential, achieving the end result I wanted, having the equivalent of the most basic “Applets”: Date & time; Basic System Resources Information; Basic Network Information; Weather Information… and in antiX 22, RSS News feeds (that do not work under antiX 23).

                            antiX is an extremely light OS, so it stands to reason that it does not waste system resources with something like Desktop Applets… Ever since I realized I could edit Conky to select what is shows, years ago, I started thinking: “Hum… and what if there was a GUI so users can select exactly what they want Conky to show? It would be almost like the Desktop Applets I used to have on previous OSes!”. This is not an important part of antiX. Most users got used to Conky just being there. I got used to it, and sometimes, I miss all the info it displays, almost like a dam of info broke and showered the screen with all kinds of numbers and graphics… But usually I’m more minimalist. Now this script allows me to switch between the classic Conky and the modern one with the click of a button, and also select exactly what I want to be displayed. Now if I could get Conky to display rss feeds on antiX 23, that would be sweet.

                            As far as I tested, the script seems to be production ready (the lack of RSS capability in antix 23 is not my fault). If I get RSS working on all versions of antiX, I’ll try to add a GUI to select the web site from where the news feed is obtained (currently users have to manually edit the address in the ~/.conkyrc file, near the end, by default it’s a portuguese news site).

                            Does anyone have any idea why Conky does not display RSS feeds in antiX 23? This does look like a regression- a lost functionality.

                            In due time, I’ll try to find a work around that problem, maybe using a script, it that works, under antiX 23, I haven’t tested that.

                            * Adding new “Applets” to Conky:

                            There are lots of stuff that can be displayed in Conky, adding lines anywhere you want, after the “TEXT”line (around line nr 100 of the Modern Conky configuration file).
                            – If you want to add a calendar for the current month:

                            ###*** Show Calendar
                            ${color white}${font Carlito:size=10}${execpi 600 ncal}


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                              Hello PPC.

                              I tested your newest program version “” and I really liked what I saw. I consider this to be another important addition to ISO full’s antiX 23, if anticapitalista agrees to use it or make the package available in the repository.
                              So far, there is no graphical interface that allows you to permanently disable Conky, however the new program allows many interesting options.
                              I was even able to use the Conky file that I have translated and distributed to other people through the Internet Archive.
                              I thank you for this program.

                              – – – – –

                              Olá, PPC.

                              Eu testei o seu mais novo programa da versĂŁo “” e gostei muito do que vi. Eu considero que esta seja mais uma importante adição ao antiX 23 da ISO full, se o anticapitalista concordar em utilizá-lo ou disponibilizar o pacote no repositĂłrio.
                              Até o momento, não existe um interface gráfica que permite desativar permanentemente o Conky, contudo o novo programa permite muitas opções interessantes.
                              Eu consegui inclusive utilizar o arquivo do Conky que eu tenho traduzido e distribuo para as outras pessoas por meio do Internet Archive.
                              Eu agradeço por mais este programa.


                                Change log:

                                – disabled the batery indicator on by default (it probably uses a tiny bit of CPU, always trying to check the battery state)
                                – added a load conky button to the main screen, finishing all the basic functionalities that I wanted the GUI to have.

                                Now all all I think that can be added is toggles for more features (like the battery indicator, etc)… and check if a workaround for RSS feeds in antiX 23 can be found.



                                  Hello PPC
                                  Centralized conky is a fine idea! good one.
                                  To edit modules or turn on and off a conky is appreciated.
                                  special modules for a special conky is nice.
                                  A method to turn on more than one conky?
                                  Not interested in “Switch.”
                                  Legacy is a far away place for a conky named Modern(?) good one.

                                  RSS is in conky-legacy-all. RSS not in conky-legacy-standard.
                                  conky-legacy-all has dependencies available only in unstable repository.

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