Proposal for replacement of fbxkb by gxkb

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Do you want to replace fbxkb with gxkb in future versions of AntiX?

Gxkb does the same job as fbxkb, only with fewer (no?) graphical glitches.

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      The title of the topic says it all.
      I have had graphical glitches (clashing color borders between keyboard icon and system tray) with fbxkb, and think gxkb does the same job, but with no glitches, and appears to be a superior alternative.
      So my question to other AntiX users is do you have any opinion on such a replacement in future versions of AntiX (currently using 23.1 Base runit)?
      And to the developers, any plans to make such a switch, or comment on why fbxkb is default?

      Gxkb is a drop in replacement, even the user configuration files can be edited to run it at boot instead of fbxkb.

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        Gave it a try. On first glance no significant differences between the two. Had not seen graphic glitches with fbxkb until now, anyway.

        But with gxkb there are distinct graphic glitches now: No space left between the flag and the next icons/symbols in status bar (IceWM), so it looks like glued together wrongly, while fbxkb keeps proper spacing. And then: On contrast to fbxkb the gxkb tool throws lots of Gtk-WARNING messages about parsing errors and deprecation and unusable features and junk at end of value when starting on console. I guess that is not precisely what I’d call a superior replacement…

        $ gxkb -v
        gxkb version 0.9.3
        AppIndicator support - Yes
        Icon cache - Yes

        (Running on antiX 23.1 runit full 64 bit)

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          Never had issues with or seen seen described graphic glitches with fbxkb and ICEWM or Flux
          No user has complained in years of usage. That is a lot of varying hardware and

          Users and present reference, running live, antix 23 full updated to latest packages
          Own system, daily usage sid again fully updated avoiding influx of sysd packages. .

          Clashing color borders between keyboard icon and system tray may well be a theme or icon subject, for sure not the application itself.

          No details of desktop mentioned, just base. I assume a user a setup issue.

          My vote: no change.

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            Voted no. Want no changes on my chromebook install.

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              To be clear, I have no particular preference for either fbxkb or gxkb other than “it works as intended, glitch free”.

              Good to know fbxkb works for some/many/all? others.

              I think having two possible packages for this purpose is useful for future reference, if nothing else.

              Mr. Lubo Diakov

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