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      Is the Dev team interest on a GUI script that allows to share a single folder, selected using a yad window, and automatically installs Samba (if it’s not already installed), creates a back-up copy of Samba’s config file, nukes it, creating a new one, sharing the selected folder, without any password.
      It’s basically turning the How to create a Samba shared folder post I made a while back (and recently rewrote in the Portuguese section of the forum) into a script, that uses yad to select the folder and show relevant messages.
      I’m not really sure if Debian 12 has an easy GUI to do this task.
      Please note that my proposed script will be very basic, allowing only to share a single, unprotected folder (but eventually can be extended to manage more folders).

      The reason I did not write a complex script to configure Samba was because I remember that antiX-19 allowed me to install a very good GUI that managed Samba. That GUI is no longer available under Debian 12, as far as I can tell…

      Edit: This idea came from the fact that antiX-23 probably will include a GUI to access available shared network drives (if they are shared over Samba > 1, if I recall correctly). So… if users have an easy way to access Shares, why not have also a simple way to Share a folder?

      Edit2: now that I think about it, that script may also had this feature: if run from zzzfm, selecting a folder or the terminal (indicating the folder to be shared) it would share that folder. In zzzfm, that would show up as a contextual menu that appears when the users right click a folder, saying something like “Share this folder over the network”.
      The problem is, that as I’m currently thinking about the script, it would only allow for a shared folder at a time.


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