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      AntiX already has xsensors included so why would you want to use psensor? Well, psensor has two capabilities that xsensors lacks- the ability to display temperatures in a graph and the ability to set alarms for temperature values that are either too high or too low. The graph allows you to monitor temperature over longer periods of time with a simple glance. The time interval the graph covers is user adjustable in my case I usually set the interval to two hours. You can chart multiple sensor outputs at the same time. The temperature alarm for each sensor is individually adjustable. When the alarm value is reached a popup displays the alarm condition. You can also track cpu load, free memory level and hard drive temperature.

      I have attached below two pictures of psensor to give you a idea how the graph looks.


        FWIW, the “hottest” results I’ve ever seen in psensor are when I’ve run multiple “evolvotron” (debian-packaged generative art program) threads to render 4096x4096px images. My runner-up “gets hot” application is antiX isosnapshot, when its “use all cores” option is checkmarked.

      Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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