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      Hello to all the forum users

      I’m using Antix from some weeks and it’s very useful cause i have an old PC but not despite software and a lot of configuration tricks came out of the box so if you want to have a pc for daily use and have no time to put the hands into the system…or if you want to hack and try to customize the system like with pure debian you can do it… it’s good for both the type of users

      Now my problem…i’ve installed pureOS on another partition for make some hacking into the system and i found this problem which i didn’t find on the net any solution…the install of pure os went good (antix was installed) before i tried pure OS as live usbkey and my pc didn’t had problems….but after the install which was ok when i rebooted if i choose pure os it starts but when is near the login it hangs for more than one hour…it happended in different moments: one time when it was starting GDM, other times before

      Sorry for my english: someone has an idea what could be happened or what could i do? Also used the control center of antix to fix problems at boot (my bios uses UEFI)


      Brian Masinick

        The presence of antiX and Pure OS on the same computer does not necessarily cause a problem, but if there is a defect anywhere, it’s in the Pure OS handling of the partitions. It’s possible that the Pure OS start-up program is attempting to mount or perform some other operation on the antiX distribution . If it turns out to be a minute or two, it may be something that runs in their routines, waits for 1-2 minutes for completion and then terminates. If it hangs and does not complete, that is definitely a defect.

        If you have any programming or scripting skills you can examine the start-up programs and update them. If there is just a delay, you can edit the program after you are logged in; otherwise you can mount the partition from another distribution (antiX), and examine and edit the offending routine(s).

        If you do not have any skills to perform analysis and modifications, you have other choices – put these on different computers or choose between them. Without any snapshot, capture, or listing of what’s taking place, all of this is speculation on my part.

        Brian Masinick


          Please go to pure OS wiki, look for slow start.
          It will give you the essentials to help find out what is slowing your boot.

          Pure OS uses systemd so it is not just a case of reading plaintext logs.


            Thanx at all…i’ll give a look and try some of the tips you suggested, then i’ll “socialize” the results with all the forum so if some guy will get the same problem or similar can start from it and not from zero

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