qjackctl freezes desktop

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    When I open a terminal and type “qjackctl”, my desktop freezes. Mouse moves but the video freezes (conky freezes too) and I can’t click anything. I can access the console at ctrl+alt+F1, login and kill qjackctl. This happens with both the original kernel and liquorix kernel. It happens in icewm, jwm and fluxbox. But it does not happen in another machine I have with Debian Buster + LXDE.

    I have found these old posts describing this exact problem with qjackctl, but I could not understand them:

    Is there some configuration I can do to fix this? Is it a bug in qjackctl? I could also not find a way to configure MIDI and audio hardware without qjackctl.

    The system is antix 19.3 base and apt says everything is up to date.


    Could you try from terminal
    dbus-launch qjackctl


    Exact same issue here, the dbus-launch qjackctl runs qjackctl without freezing the system!


    This also happens to me when I try to start QJackCtl from the menu.

    Should I edit qjackctl.desktop that way?

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    Should I edit qjackctl.desktop that way?

    I would create a copy of qjackctl.desktop and add those dbus-launch insturctions there, and rename the Name to something like “QjackCtl with dbus” or similar.
    This way, if there are any updates, it will not override your .desktop launcher.


    I placed a copy in ~/.local/share/applications/ and edited it, like I do in Ubuntu (Studio).

    How do i get to make it show in the applications menu instead of the original?


    Try to see if this works

    The “.desktop” files that you added in ~/.local/share/applications, to be displayed in the menu and sub menu, you need to apply the command in the terminal: $ sudo desktop-menu --write-out-global and press the Enter key.


    (nitpicking, for accuracy) let’s strikeout “you need to” and replace “you can”.
    That exact commandstring can be invoked by clicking the “Refresh Menu” desktop menu item.


    I tried both ways with no result.

    Now I did “Menu Manager” –> Applications –> Show –> QjackCtl –> OK

    and it works – but why?

    Edit: after installing Guitarix, I had to repeat this procedure.

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    If the .desktop name matches, I think it will not appear in the menu except if you enable/show with menu manager.

    Probably @ModdIt can explain what he does on his system if he sees this post, as he also adds .desktop launchers to ~/.local/share/applications/

    What I usually do instead is create a copy with a different .desktop name inside /usr/share/applications instead, so that all the users in the system can use this launcher.

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